Woohoo, it is finally Halloween, my favorite holiday. In the past, I’ve celebrated by dressing up as such classics as Rebecca Black, Barbie and Global Warming and went out on the town to celebrate with my friends. Apart from dressing up as Global Warming, this is a pretty typical way to spend Halloween for many college students.

However, the weather gods frowned upon the citizens of Madison this year and left the city covered in snow instead of cheerful little pumpkins. The weather outside is more frightful than any Halloween costume one could devise, and even the old “put a coat over your costume” trick from elementary school can’t compete with accumulated snow. 

With going out practically eliminated as an option for the sane students in this world, here are a couple of ways to spend this “Nightmare Before Christmas” of a Halloween.

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Hold a Monopoly and movie night

Monopoly sure is a fun game, especially if your Monopoly group has house rules. Things can sure turn into a hauntingly fun time when your friends bid over your mortgaged property, a fright most college students don’t have to deal with in real life (yet). 

Even though Monopoly is great, some people just aren’t big Monopoly fans. Therefore, it is critical to also play a movie while playing your spooky edition of the classic board game. I recommend spooky and kooky entities like “Teeth” and “Scooby Doo” to pair with your rounds of Monopoly. This winning combination will make a Halloween you won’t forget, or remember. It just exists honestly. 

Study for midterms with your pals

While Halloween was supposed to provide an excuse to halt the study grind, its failure to launch reiterates the importance of working on school. It’s almost like that is the point of college.

Since all of your friends are likely free due to canceled activities, arrange a group caffeinated study session for all of your important tests and projects coming up in the next few weeks. The Ghost of Midterms Past would be proud.

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Get on the next flight to Phoenix

This is the option I chose, and it is a wise one at that. Phoenix offers “the sun,” an unknown commodity in Madison this time of year. Being at the airport also gives one a good mix of spooky cheer, as flight attendants try their hand at skeletal makeup while people await to be reunited with their traveling companions in animal themed onesies. The true meaning of Halloween becomes clear with this choice, and I highly recommend it.