One passport. One portable Bluetooth speaker with about 10 percent battery remaining. Three keys to my current place of residence connected by a key chain of Italy. One Passion Planner filled with my personal thoughts, goals, hopes and dreams, and one university library borrowed copy of “Your Song Changed My Life” by Bob Boilen.

These are just a few of the items I was recently robbed of.

To many, this could merely be a list of material things. But to me, they embodied a physical representation of my soul — taken from me and likely tossed aside like a bag of trash not long after. They were pieces to a puzzle about my identity I was finally gaining sight of the bigger picture.

Many of the items I’ve lost we’re priceless or had little to no monetary value — gifted to me or acquired during the last few years. In fact, anything I had spent my own money on was considered irrelevant and left behind, including my tie-dye Dreamville sweatshirt I tend to wear at most days.

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Listening back to some of the music this label who inspires me indefinitely has made, I remind myself to cut the ‘f’ bombs and calm down because I still have my mind over matter and nobody can ever take that away from me. I have faith this way of thinking can apply to anyone in a given situation as long as you love yours.

Though it is rather difficult, I’m doing everything I can to fight the feeling(s) of devastation and consequent frustration inside of me. Most of this situation is out of my control, and knowing that has brought me closure. But what I do still have absolute control over is what happens next, after the storm

From attending Electric Forest, I have learned several invaluable life lessons which are allowing me to bloom into an individual who will always try my best to tread towards each person I cross paths with — with care, compassion and kindness. My hopes are to share positivity and lead by example rather than any demands.

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I do not blame any one individual or group of individuals for what was stolen from me. I am here to share my story and some of the songs that have changed my life with the hope that these words change someone else’s life in return.

Whether that be through the way they think about themselves, how they treat others, or how they exist in this mad world. More than anything, I hope to encourage others to go about their social lives reserving good intentions and energy for all.

So with these thoughts, I leave everybody two questions to ponder. Are you satisfied with life as you know it to be now? If not, how long are you going to wait to start making changes?