Even as 16-year-old Skylar Stecker seems fresh-faced ahead of her headlining Majestic appearance, Saturday’s show won’t be her first time performing.

The Madison native, who made waves around the country by singing the National Anthem as a child at sporting events, returns to the isthmus to promote her newly released sophomore album Redemption with supporting act Lucien Parker.

“When I discovered my love for music, I was super passionate and dedicated to do whatever I could to pursue music as a career,” Stecker said. “I was looking around on the internet figuring out ways in Wisconsin to pursue a music career, and I found [singing the] National Anthem would be a great way at 9-years-old to get out there … Six months later I was singing for all the Badger sports teams, the Packers and the LA Lakers.”

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Following those stints, Stecker released her debut album, This is Me, and appeared on the Disney Channel show “Austin and Ally.”

Despite the title of her debut album, Stecker found its contents did not align with the music she really wanted to produce and decided to part ways with her label for her sophomore effort.

“With this album, I wanted to tap into my vulnerable side, which I haven’t done before,” Stecker said. “I always used to associate me being vulnerable as me coming off as weak when it’s the opposite. I feel like the album really showcases that journey in regaining self-confidence in being vulnerable.”

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With Stecker’s new look and increased R&B stylistic influences, it is hard not to see a comparison to Ariana Grande, yet there’s something so inherently well-intentioned in her work. In the music video for Redemption‘s single of the same name, Stecker croons to a mellow dance beat while displaying dictionaries with negative words like “naive” and “abrasive.” This effect attempts to persuade viewers that although people may use those words towards themselves, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being labeled as such.

Removed from the video’s compiled efforts, Stecker hopes to deliver a performance at the Majestic which may not be “perfect,” but to which she gives her all.

“I know I had a great show when I come up and I know I left it all out on the stage and I just was hard-core,” Stecker said. “I feel like when I try something new and I like it, when I leave I always feel good … I feel like I went one step further on the stage.”

Skylar Stecker performs with Lucien Parker Saturday, March 30 at The Majestic Theater at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door.