When we fall in love it can be so fast and overwhelming that we can’t help but know we’re falling for someone. Other times it can be more gradual until you realize there’s this person in your life you don’t want to let go of and you can’t get enough of.

But when the person you fall for is your best friend, it can seem scary, complicated and amazing — all at the same time. So what do you do if you fall in love with your best friend? Tell them how you feel.

It’s easy to develop feelings for someone without realizing it. When there’s one person that you always talk to and see, you might start having romantic feelings for them.

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You can fall in love with the most minute parts of a friend, like the way they smile and laugh at your jokes. Or you love how when you talk to them, you know they’re always listening and you can’t help but listen to them. Or how they support you through both bad and good times. The songs, TV shows, movies and books they show you because they think there’s even a small chance you might enjoy them. You love who they are.

Gradually, these feelings swell to a point where you can’t help but notice them. It doesn’t help to fight it or deny it either. As scary as it may be to fall in love with someone you don’t know feels the same, it isn’t something to talk yourself out of. If you deny your feelings, then that person will most likely never know how you truly feel about them.

This can end up hurting you even more. If they don’t know how you feel because you suppress your feelings, then they may start a relationship with someone else and the jealousy and sadness of watching them be with someone romantically who isn’t you, can be the dagger that proves the truth behind your feelings.

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Regardless of if they start seeing someone or not, denying you are in love with your best friend can cause every interaction to be agonizing. Bottling up feelings only makes them brew. Those traits you fell in love with become constant reminders of the possible happiness you aren’t allowing yourself to explore.

Nothing comes from sitting around waiting for someone to love you back. Even if you tell them and they don’t feel the same way, at least you tried. You gave yourself the chance you deserve and can move on. But if you tell them and they do feel the same way, something wonderful could happen.

The transition from a friendship to a relationship can be easy and smooth. A best friend is usually — and should be — a person that brings out the good in you. It’s a great feeling to allow yourself to grow with someone and become something with someone.

Falling in love does this. It can be scary, but when you fall in love with someone that already knows you better than anyone else might, it can be the easiest kind of love and allow happiness you didn’t know you could have with that person before.