I’m going to be honest, feeding my bubble tea and customizable salad addictions costs more money than I am willing to admit. This is a byproduct of living close to State Street, where these refreshments are offered by numerous establishments.

Because of this, my budget for clothing and other frivolities is limited. Luckily, my proximity to State Street also comes with a proximity to Ragstock, a nationwide chain providing both cheap clothing and thrifted goods.

My natural instincts led me right down the stairs labeled “Clearance” to locate spring fashion trends at a reasonable price.

A stairway to fashion for my poor, poor soul
Angela Peterson

All-over neutrals are set to dominate the spring fashion scene. There’s no need to worry about matching with this color palette as neutrals are already known to be a great base for any look. This trend is also adaptable to whatever weather Madison decides to throw at its residents. Neutrals look great in long sleeves, sweaters, crop tops, skirts and more.

I paired together a neutral crop top with a cool strap detail and a mini-skirt for an all-over neutral look perfectly suited for a spring break getaway. With Ragstock’s special for the day, the skirt was $10 and the top was  $2.50. That’s a third of the cost of a burrito right there.

I may have gotten this top in several colors
Angela Peterson/The Badger Herald

Scarf prints are also set to make an impact on the spring fashion scene. These detailed patterns look particularly good on tailored jackets and wide-legged pants.

After a roaring success during the summer season last year, black-and-white checks are also expected to make a splash this spring season. A clear call-back to 1990s style, this pattern still makes any outfit stand out.

Pictured here is a jacket and skirt combination featuring a scarf print and the checkerboard look. The skirt was $15 and the jacket cost $12.

Combining spring trends is super easy with black and white
Angela Peterson/The Badger Herald

Ragstock is also home to thrifted goods, with vintage finds available throughout the store. The pale blue color set to be on trend for spring is seen all over these recycled clothes.

Shown here is a simple pale blue number that is one-of-a-kind in the store and only $12.

Many other recycled dresses feature this on-trend color
Angela Peterson/The Badger Herald

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the availability of these spring trends for such a reasonable cost and left the store with a bag filled with new clothes for the season.