Chelsea Cutler performed an energetic and honest show at Majestic Theatre Wednesday night. After an opening performance by Anthony Russo, Cutler ran on-stage to perform three of her hit indie-electronic songs before introducing herself and her band. The set featured a semi-circle arch complete with roses and beams of color-changing lights to set the mood.

Early into the night, a swift on-stage outfit change from an oversized long-sleeve tee into a Packer’s jersey prompted a chant of, “Go, Pack, Go,” from the Madison crowd. Cutler is known as a “jersey-wearing enthusiast,” and pleased the Madison audience with her outfit choice. A completed look with baggy, ripped jeans and a messy ponytail, Cutler looked very comfortable on the stage. Her constant smile and passion for music was undeniable.

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After riling the crowd up, Cutler did something a little unusual. She related to the crowd as a social-media crazed millennial, and then urged them to experience the concert in the moment, not recording for social media.

Obviously, as a predominately millennial audience, asking her audience to refrain from using their phones for the entire night was unrealistic, but her request appeared to be honored temporarily.

A couple of technical hiccups didn’t ruin the flow of Cutler’s show. The newly found indie-pop star kept her cool as her guitar stopped working, and instead opted to play “Out Of Focus” on the piano, something she claims she has never done before. If it wasn’t for the warning, it is unlikely the audience would have realized she had never performed this song on the piano. Cutler proved how musically gifted she is on the stage.

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While the majority of this show had the crowd swaying on their feet, hands raised in the air, singing along to the catchy tunes, Cutler slowed the vibe down about half-way through.

Anyone who follows Cutler on social media knows how candid she is about her struggles with mental health. She addressed these struggles on stage before playing a new, currently nameless song about mental health. Pauses in her song were filled by uplifting chants from the crowd, who were obviously happy with what they were hearing.

Cutler was quick to bring the energy back up to end the show on a strong note. The intimacy of the small Majestic Theatre felt like a perfect match for her performance.

As a new listener to Cutler’s music, I was more than pleased by her performance. Cutler’s show left me with great respect for her as an artist, musician and honest performer following her passions in life.