Bryce Vine’s show at The Majestic Theater Tuesday opened with the alternative pop sound of 7715. The group started their set by asking show-goers if they were, “ready to party,” and then continued to play a set of music that truly got the crowd excited.

7715 is a relatively new group, but it was clear that a lot of the audience members knew some of their songs, including “Week” and “Find Someone.” Even those that were unfamiliar with the band’s music were able to enjoy their high-energy performance.

Kid Quill, a hip hop artist who has been touring for about a year, continued the show after 7715 closed their set. He was accompanied by trumpeter Connor May. After playing his first song “Playlist,” it was clear that Kid Quill had the energy and talent that it took to excite the crowd. Most of the audience knew the lyrics to many of his songs, and people were singing and dancing along, even in the balcony.

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He incorporated lots of audience participation, first by allowing audience members to sing his songs into the microphone, and then by creating a beat that allowed him to perform sections of popular songs, asking the crowd to sing along. During his last song of the night, Kid Quill descended into the crowd to rap his last verse.

Finally, after sets from two dynamic openers, the audience made it clear that they were ready to see Vine by chanting, “Bryce, Bryce, Bryce.” Vine took the stage to “The Imperial March,” from Star Wars, with an added beat. He then opened his set with “On the Ball,” exciting the crowd so much that it became hard to hear his lyrics.

After completing his first song, Vine responded to the crowd’s cheers by saying, “It’s good to see you too.” He was accompanied on stage by drummer Al Cleveland III, and DJ/trumpet player Lvcky Dave.

Vine continued to play music that the audience knew well, even dangling the microphone into the crowd to allow them to sing the words. Eventually, he announced that he has a new album coming out this summer, and he started to play some songs from it.

The first song Vine played from the new album was titled “Fireside.”

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“This is a song about people I grew up with and how we didn’t realize that we had just grown up,” Vine said.

Along with the new album, Vine has a new single, titled “La La Land,” coming out March 1.

When Vine finished the show and headed off stage, the crowd chanted for an encore and he responded to their wishes. He played a few more songs, including his most popular song, “Drew Barrymore” and closed with “Sour Patch Kids,” which Kid Quill and May returned to the stage to perform with Vine.

The two trumpeters performed a duet during the song and Vine and Kid Quill left the stage after hugging those who were in the front row.

If you’re searching for an upbeat sound and honest lyrics, keep a lookout for Vine’s new single. You won’t regret it.