Everyone gets hungry, and everyone loves going out for food. Even if you tend to get takeout, it’s sometimes nice to take in the atmosphere of a restaurant. You can sit back, relax and be waited on. This may be tempting now and again instead of taking your food to go and then sitting in front of your apartment TV, like usual.

If it sounds appealing to you to go for a night into town, just do it! You don’t need a date or even a friend to enjoy yourself.

There should be no taboo or stigma around eating out alone. Most people love having time to themselves, so give yourself that enjoyment. Whether you’re eating at Jimmy John’s on State Street or taking a fancier night out at Graze, there’s no wrong way to go out by yourself.

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You’ll give yourself time to think and reflect on your day without the stress and distraction of having to be socially engaged.

If the idea of sitting by yourself in a restaurant among couples and groups of friends is intimidating, try bringing a book or a magazine, or maybe even some work you can catch up on.

And besides, you won’t be alone.

Bloom Bakery, located on Monroe Street, offers an assortment of pastries and brunch items. The restaurant has a whole wall of windows, so it’s always sunny and cheerful inside.

Otherwise, check out Porta Bella. The Italian restaurant has pizza, salads, lasagnas and sandwiches, and they’re tucked away on Frances Street.

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Eating alone also offers the chance for adventure. You might feel less pressure to not have salad in your teeth, you can eat to your heart’s content however much garlic you please without worrying about your breath smelling bad — and you might even meet someone new. If open tables are running low, there’s no reason why you can’t sit down and meet a new friend.

Eating alone gives you the chance to try something new. Give yourself some of that alone time you’ve been craving, and finally get rid of the stigma that eating alone is bad or embarrassing, because quite frankly, it may be one of your best choices.