Rainbow Kitten Surprise, both in music and performance, prove more nuanced than their whimsical name suggests.

North Carolina folk pop band Rainbow Kitten Surprise took on The Sylvee this Monday night with an energetic and dedicated crowd despite harsh snowfall.

After having several friends recently describe them as a “compelling and fun live act,” I thought it would be interesting to check them out. Upon entrance, the lasers beaming on the crowd seemed to contrast with their style. The indie-pop sounds produced by the group definitely did not align with the rave culture associated with neon and perpetually flashing lights.

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It makes for a show one would not necessarily expect — exciting, but equally tranquil for a number of tracks.

The Sylvee is a nice but surprisingly cold and impersonal venue. The modernity works well for going in and out of the crowd, with a pit and spacious area to get take a breather or get a drink, but it doesn’t make for a terribly warm show. The Majestic or The Orpheum may have served Rainbow Kitten Surprise a bit better, considering the warmth of the band’s music.

Knowing a limited amount of their discography, I did not know what to expect. With such a flamboyant name, one would expect their music to be vacuous and pop-focused. Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s style defies said expectations and transcends this, with songs possessing anything from the rigid blues of the Black Keys to the melodic folk of Father John Misty.

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Flitting between the outskirts and the helm of the crowd, I experienced varying energies, both equally invested, however. On the outside of the main part of the crowd for songs like “Cocaine Jesus” and “First Class,” I bore witness to a lot of friendly fellow attendees dancing wavily, seemingly both calmed and energized by their folk rock style. The inside of the crowd, oddly, was more solemn. Those surrounded by other fans seemed more entranced by the music than electrified by it, a testament to the nuance of this band’s style.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise did not fail to impress and emphasize both their stylistic and lyrical value at The Sylvee Monday night. Hopefully they enjoyed Madison as much as we enjoyed them, and decide to return soon.