BG Creative made a mark on the Madison area with their presentation of the SPHERES fashion show Nov. 17 at the Masonic Center.

The show was a year in the making and featured the work of a multitude of talented artists. On the day of the event, a message was sent out to those attending the show revealing the location and instructions on what to do upon arrival.

SPHERES mood was set by their secrecy and online presence — the website and Instagram pages provided just enough  information to make people want to know more about the event.

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Walking into the Masonic Center, this same mood was maintained by the decor and those in attendance. SPHERES guests were encouraged to come to the show “dressed to impress,” and they did not fail.

People of all types were in attendance with innovative outfits and striking makeup. All those in the room came together as one through their imagination, which only added to the experience.

The ballroom where the event was held had a magical ambiance that made one feel inspired and eager to see what the show would bring. Chairs of guests lined the runway, and there were people standing behind them in order to get a better look at the show.

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The show began with lively music and presented psychedelic visuals as its backdrop. As the models began walking and the immersive journey started, the inspiration behind the show shined through.

SPHERES was conceptually inspired by the idea of the “Tree of Life,” which “grants insight not only into the world around us but also into structure and workings of the mind and soul,” as described by the curators of the event.

The Tree of Life is made up by a variety of spheres, each representing a different piece of life and a color to go along with it. Each separate model represented a specific sphere and color through their hair, makeup, outfit, and demeanor.

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Models walked in coordinated patterns reinforcing the idea that the spheres of life work together to create the world we live in. In between models walking on the runway were dancers who used their choreography to add to the action.

During the final walks down the runway, there were nude models who walked with their bodies painted and complemented by sculptural pieces. The models’ movements in this last walk were ceremonial, and they used props to crown one “sphere” — coming together as one. Even though this was the end of the show, this was definitely not the end of the night.

After the show, artists gathered together for a meet-and-greet, and the creative directors expressed their gratitude for all the hard work put into the show. They were sure to mention Dane Arts and Arts Wisconsin, who showed great support for their vision and made the night possible.

The energy was up among the artists and guests in the room as the reception began. Tables of free food and a bar full of drinks were available to all in attendance.

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On the edges of the room, there was a photo booth lined with people and an artist painting a large piece live for all to see.

In the center of the room, a large dance floor and two DJs took place of the runway. DJ Heather and DJ UMI both did an amazing job of keeping the spirit of the room high by playing music everyone could dance to.

The night was filled with positivity and passion for the arts. SPHERES proved they are a great platform for all creatives, as all the revenue generated from the evening was reinvested into the arts and all of their artists were fairly compensated for their work.

Overall, the SPHERES platform showed inclusivity and deep creativity through their immersive evening — and they did not disappoint on their goal of presenting a “translocal manifestation of the divine.”