Plan on getting to the Cursive show early Nov. 16 to see the impressive group Campdogzz, who have recently gained attention across the Midwest. Fronted by their powerful lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Jessica Price, they are definitely ones to watch.

Though the group has been around for a few years, they are recently gaining attention after their Audiotree Live session, which is available for streaming.

Many have been enticed by Price’s powerful chords and long tones that flow perfectly over each of the songs.

The talent this ensemble brings to the table is limitless, and together they have created unique textures that blend into a clean, twangy sound. Drummer Matt Evert, bass guitarist Andrew Rolfsen, guitarist and keyboardist Nick Enderle, and guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Mikey Russell all are overflowing with talent and style.

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They capture the industrial essence of the Midwest exceptionally well through their haunting, dueling guitar riffs, driving rhythms and interesting arrangements. Price’s raspy tones pair effortlessly with the humid folk vibes given off by every other instrumentalist in the group.

Price shared how she became interested in live music and performing for others.

The fearless frontwoman grew up in Oklahoma and drove to shows in Tulsa with her friends to discover her love for live music. Traveling for shows makes them that much more enjoyable. 

“It makes it more exciting and more magical,” Price added.

Her hometown didn’t have much to offer — except her award-winning high school jazz band — but Price had a passion for music and did what she could to fulfill it.

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Price moved to Chicago in the spring 2008 to pursue filmmaking. She used the process of trial and error on her own to try her best to succeed. When she decided to make the final push and strive for a path in music, she found this method incredibly helpful. This is Price’s first time playing in a band, and she looking at every experience with an open mind and embracing each opportunity she and her fellow bandmates have been given.

Price deliberated before describing her band’s sound to those who haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet.

“Somewhere in the realm of Jason Molina and Cat Power,” Price said.

Both of these artists have folk, country and alternative influences, which adds to the various sounds that Campdoggz bring to the table.

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Since every member of Campdogzz comes from a different part of the country, each of them brings a sense of musical identity to the group, which has been a rewarding experience for all of them.

“We all have such different backgrounds, musically and otherwise,” Price said.

Even though setting aside time together can be challenging due to working multiple jobs, the time they do share is always significantly productive. They are all incredibly passionate about their music and always look forward to working together.

“We are all very committed to doing that, so we make it work,” Price said.

This kind of diversity is what makes a band stand out, and their ability to come together while maintaining a crisp sound is beyond special.

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Their latest work, In Rounds, came out in August, and every song truly has something different to offer. The band looked at this album with new eyes and fresh expectations in hopes to create something richer. Price said she had a blast getting to experiment with her organ on this album.

The last track, Price’s favorite, titled “Sorceress,” is a prime example of the group’s light rhythms and melodic vocals.

Campdogzz is set to play a stellar set before Cursive takes the stage Friday. Tickets are still available to purchase on High Noon Saloon’s website, or at the door.