For the first time, I tried cannabidiol in the form of energy and relaxation dietary supplements from Lazarus Naturals. The effects were not what I was expecting.

Cannabidiol — CBD for short — is derived from hemp plants, but should not be compared to marijuana. Marijuana gives people a “high” because it contains THC. CBD does not contain THC and is legal in all 50 United States, while marijuana is not.

I started with the CBD energy formula supplements, which contain 25mg of CBD per capsule. Users should only take one capsule at a time.

The instructions suggest CBD takes about two hours for its full effect to set in. At this point, I knew I needed to head to the library to study for exams. I took a capsule and headed to College Library. I was hesitant about how much a supplement would affect me.

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Speaking from my own experience, users will feel an increased sense of energy and more motivation to focus. They will not feel the energy one has after drinking a cup of coffee, but the supplement provides enough energy to concentrate and not fall asleep, without the jittery feeling of a highly caffeinated beverage.

The results were not enough for me to register a significant change in energy, but I certainly didn’t feel drowsy like I had earlier. One could suggest this was a placebo effect, but I would argue it wasn’t. Not much can wake me up after midterms besides caffeine and a solid amount of sleep, neither of which I had that day.

The next day, I tried the CBD energy formula with a cup of coffee. Users should be advised there is no warning to not do this, nor is there a suggestion to do this. I wanted to experiment.

With this combination, users should definitely feel awake and, best of all, attentive.

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The third day I planned to use the energy capsules, I forgot them at my apartment. So, when returning from College Library jittery from coffee, I decided it was a good time to try the relaxation supplements.

Again, users are neither suggested to or suggested against mixing either of the capsules with caffeine.

Users may not stay awake for the full two hours if they try sleeping. The supplement’s effects may start before two hours have passed since taking the supplement.

The day following my usage of the relaxation capsule, I didn’t take an energy capsule nor did I drink any caffeine, except black tea in the morning.

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When returning home from school and work, I took one relaxation capsule, made dinner and ate it while watching TV.

For many, there might be no dramatic effects. But they could also feel a real sense of relaxation and calm.

Please be advised this is a personal experience from taking CBD energy and relaxation dietary supplements from Lazarus Naturals. Not every user is guaranteed to feel the same effect or have a positive experience.