The Glitch Mob and Elohim took total control of The Sylvee’s stage Wednesday night, creating an unforgettable dance party atmosphere.

Elohim — an electronic-alternative performer — got the crowd energized with her infectiously catchy, dance-inducing hits. If you think you’ve never heard of her before — you’re probably wrong. She’s featured on Louis The Child’s 2017 track, “Love Is Alive.”

The L.A. native had her set beaming with LED lights, changing colors with the rhythm that pulsed through the venue. The set was in stark contrast to what one would expect to occur on a Wednesday night.

There was no lack of energy once Glitch Mob got on stage.
Daniel Yun/The Badger Herald

Elohim’s dancing created a sense of familiarity between concert-goers, as strangers came together to dance with each other and create groups during the show.

At the end of her set, I felt a sense of disappointment that the light and presence she brought to the stage was gone. There is no doubt she has the ability to have a full tour of her own very soon.

The Glitch Mob, consisting of Josh “Ooah,” Justin “Boreta” and Ed “edIT,” continued the energetic vibe that Elohim had created and increased it. Each member was positioned behind a personal “station” of sorts, which housed their electronic soundboards. Each station, of course, was decked out in LED lights which moved as fast as an elevated heart rate caused by the pounding of live music that is relatable to many concert-goers.

Elohim is most known for her collaborations with artists like Louis The Child.
Daniel Yun/The Badger Herald

The trio did not let the energy die, as they told audience members to get increasingly louder. It must have been hard for them to hear the shouting with the heavy beats — this was not a concert for an introvert.

Dancing continued as lights flashed from above, painting the venue is an array of colors. The performance seemed to transcend reality like you forgot where you were — just enjoying pure happiness and releasing yourself to the music.

The Glitch Mob’s fall tour comes after the release of their latest album See Without Eyes which was released this past May. One month prior to that, the group released the single “I Could be Anything” which features Elohim, so it’s no wonder the dynamic between the two acts works so well.

Fans who made it to the front row were lucky enough to high-five the members of Glitch Mob when they jumped down to ground level. Those who didn’t get a high-five shouldn’t be too upset — the show and the way the performance made people feel is something they’ll remember for a long time.