The music scene in Madison attracts musicians from all across the nation. From big names to up-and-coming artists, Madison has become a destination for musicians looking to grow their careers.

Bringing musical intimacy and artistic excellence to the High Noon Saloon stage, the Ballroom Thieves not only enriched their career on Friday — they enriched Madison.

Comprised of three gifted individuals, this Boston-based band put on a preeminent performance, showing immense talent with every strum, lyric and beat. The band’s high energy on stage transferred to many in the audience who continued to sway their bodies and sing along to the music.

Devin Mauch, Martin Earley and Callie Peters enjoy performing on stage together.
Quinn Beaupre/The Badger Herald

The neo-folk artists performed sweet melodies consisting of plenty of industrial flair. With a unique folk-like sound to their name, many question how they found their way. But those questions aren’t hard to answer.

“As songwriters, I think we just gravitated towards that sound … our last two records progressed nicely and organically, and the sound has just shifted since then,” singer and guitarist Martin Earley said.

Though clearly successful on Spotify (the band reached more than 10 million streams recently), few know how the guitarist’s music career began. Producing music was always something Earley enjoyed in his free time, but it wasn’t until he was laid off from his day job that he realized a new door had been opened for him.

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While others may respond negatively to job loss, Earley said it was one of the most positive moments he could’ve experienced, opening the possibility of pursuing music as a career.

Moments like these show how vulnerable musicians can become, so having the right support systems in place goes a long way.

“[Boston] is a really loyal music community,” Earley said. “A lot of the Boston bands that we were surrounded with when we were starting up are still our closest friends, and I think they really push us to do better just by being themselves.”

Martin Earley strums and sings on stage.
Quinn Beaupre/The Badger Herald

Earley formed the band with singer and drummer Martin Mauch back in 2011. With Mauch’s distinctive skills as a drummer, Earley couldn’t have chosen a better candidate.

The way Mauch has his kit set up in unconventional — the kick isn’t played with his foot, but with his right hand. Each percussive hit he made grounded the band, and his intense effort put into the concert showed he appreciated every moment.

Impressive and majestic, Callie Peters joined the band in 2013, playing cello with great aptitude. Peters knew forever that music was her calling — she graduated from Berklee College of Music before joining the band.

Callie Peters feels the music with eyes closed.
Quinn Beaupre/The Badger Herald

Her musical expressions emitted Friday were evidence to her natural gifts — it felt like being in the presence of a musical genius. Every time her bow touched the strings I was transported to another world.

The Ballroom Thieves left an everlasting impression Friday — they love what they do, and their appeal is natural.

“I think that’s one of the great things about music,” Earley said. “[It’s] that you’re never really done with it.”

Their performance was so moving, one audience member’s flowing dance moves seemed to captivate the venue.

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“Epic, auburn and emotional,” dancer Sasha Illig said of the performance. “[Ballroom Thieves are a] genuine talent.”

And she’s right, the Ballroom Thieves expressed their authenticity with every song Friday night.

The band showcased their unity with on-stage smiles — the smiles seen throughout the venue proved they had, in turn, unified the audience.

If you missed out on the Ballroom Thieves’ breathtaking performance this past weekend, they’ll be back soon. Hoping to return to Madison in mid 2019, the band is excited about their next chapter. Their performance was one I’ll never forget.