If you’re looking to spend your weekend doing something a little out of the ordinary and are interested in hearing some fantastic music while you’re at it, make sure you get out to the Madison World Music Festival. This weekend at both Memorial Union and Willy Street, performances will be gracing Madison.

Attracting artists from across the globe, the featured music includes a diverse array of musicians ready to share their style with Madison. All events are free, so make sure to bring a few friends or invite the family out with you to have a blast bouncing from one stage to the next.

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The festivities aim to produce the sounds of the world coming together. The Wisconsin Union Theatre and UW Credit Union organized this weekend’s events in order to highlight music which strongly deviates from the standard music cycling through the radio’s top stations.

Artists will perform music which draws from areas including the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

In addition to the musical performances, a film streaming of Burkina Rising: The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso will be showing at Union South Thursday beginning at 7 p.m. The documentary focuses on the ways music has played roles within political uprisings in Burkina Faso.

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A workshop will be offered as well, where the Lemon Bucket Orchestra is set to perform while attendants learn about various forms of dance. There is sure to be no shortage of good times, so head over to the Festival Room at Memorial Union at 6 p.m. to work up a sweat and learn some new moves.

The performances are split fairly evenly between Friday and Saturday. Shows begin Friday at 4:30 p.m. featuring Orquesta el Macabeo and resume Saturday at 2 p.m. on the Memorial Union Terrace.

To find the full calendar or more information on events, you can visit https://union.wisc.edu/visit/wisconsin-union-theater/seasonevents/madison-world-music-festival/.