As 2018 enters its third month, the slew of high profile releases continues, from remakes and sequels to intriguing new experiences. Rather than hoping you get lucky by guessing at the good ones, check out some of the most anticipated releases for this month.

Burnout Paradise: Remastered

The next game to be re-released in 2018 comes in the form of Burnout Paradise: Remastered, releasing March 16. This brings back the high octane 2008 open world racing classic and gives it a makeover on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The original provided fast, reckless and fun arcade racing to the previous console generation and the long-awaited remaster looks to deliver that classic experience with updated graphics and performance.

The remaster includes all the downloadable content for the original, providing a significant amount of proven content for the cost. If it lives up to its predecessor, (which is likely) this is one to look out for.

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Kirby Star Allies

Nintendo’s next big Switch exclusive, Kirby Star Allies, will also be released March 16. This colorful side-scrolling platformer brings Kirby to the new console and adds a few new mechanics to the tried and true Kirby formula. Along with his classic copycat abilities, Kirby can now turn enemies into allies, which can be controlled by up to three other players in co-op play. This should add a fun new dynamic to a Nintendo staple.

Rare’s Sea of Thieves

After spending an extended amount of time in pre-release beta testing, Rare’s Sea of Thieves brings an open world cooperative swashbuckling experience to Xbox One and PC on March 20. The game includes cross-play between both systems, so whether you are on console or PC, you can sail the high seas and search for treasure and glory in a crew of your friends. With highly stylized graphics and a system which encourages you to explore, plunder and play however you want, Sea of Thieves could be a big hit among kids and adults alike.

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Far Cry 5

Finally, Ubisoft is also bringing a long-awaited sequel to the market this month, as Far Cry 5 will finally be released on March 27 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after a series of delays to crack down on bugs. The open world giant of a franchise takes place in a hyper-stylized version of the Montana wilderness, one where a deranged cult rules the isolated mountains.

The game seems to be full of political commentary with a version of real social and political tensions cranked up to eleven. Previous games have had a problem with clutter, where there is so much to do that it seems a bit daunting, and this installment appears to be the same way. But it still promises to be an immense and enjoyable experience.

March promises innovative twists on classic franchises and brand-new experiences alike, so it’s the perfect time to pick up the next installment of an unfamiliar franchise you have wanted to check out or to try something new. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a green beer with a good game.