For those unfamiliar with the dubstep world, Svdden Death emblazoned his way onto the scene in 2017 with arguably the song of the year, “Shut ‘Em Down, featuring Yakz. Many of his songs find their way into most sets you’ll see in the genre today.

In his newest release, Junkworld, the San Jose based DJ and producer whipped up more solid, exceptionally consistent, powerful and progressive tunes perfect for 2 a.m. raging all released on the prominent label, Never Say Die.

The EP doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other large album releases, like multiple major collaborations with fellow producers, superb vocals and perhaps even rap lyrics that would help to diversify the songs.

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Svdden Death does stay true to his roots while releasing several songs that expand on his already impressive resume of dubstep bangers. Each track is simple, to the point and as thunderously heavy as we’ve come to expect from the young DJ.

A huge part of what makes his music stand out compared to the rest of the saturated dubstep field is the quality and consistency of the production in each release. Svdden Death songs’ demand immediate recognition and acceptance in any environment wherever they are played.

With first song of the EP, “Junkworld,” Svdden Death unexpectedly incorporates melodic tones to the harsh and raw drum patterns that makes for a fresh sound which immediately points to the artist’s progression and advancement in his career. The DJ proves he can make much more than just riddim with this track.

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The highlight of the EP is no doubt the collaboration with Subtronics titled, “Surrender.” This song is everything that a dubstep song should be complete with inquisitive, fitting samples and a beat that is equally filthy, grimy, gritty and all around disgusting. The two create an instant classic that will devastate concert goers everywhere in his live performances.

Above all, this album won’t overwhelm hardcore fans expecting Svdden Death to top the stellar releases in the previous year, but he continues to show his top-tier producing abilities and continuous growth as an emerging artist.  

After listening to Junkworld, seeing this young DJ was definitely worth losing a few more hours of sleep Tuesday night.