In Laura J. Wellington’s “What to Do when Jane knows Dick about Dating,” the brutal realities of women-seeking-man dating in this millennium are brought to the forefront, sprinkled with innuendos into which common truths are blended.

Wellington offers realistic solutions — more than just the “you’ll find someone when you least expect it” advice your friend Suzy, who is constantly in a relationship, might console you with. She speaks on one of the harshest truths for heterosexual women to deal with: Some men are just dicks.

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Luckily, readers are given more optimistic tips for approaching said dicks to ensure that they’ll find the one best suitable for them. The ultimate takeaway is that strong, independent woman should always try to keep the ball in their court by taking control of a situation and communicating with their partner.

Wellington uses humor as her catalyst to push along the discouraged reader who may have been rejected by men in the past or caught up in relationships with massive dicks time and time again.

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Being submissive is a social norm that challenges most women. It has been present in dating culture since the medieval times, but everything isn’t all about men anymore. Proud women, or “Janes” as referred to by Wellington, deserve to put their foot down whenever they feel the slightest bit debased.

What do you do if a dick can’t handle your strong-willed attitude? That’s simple: Move on because he does not deserve you.

As hard as it is to stray away from clichés regarding traditional dating, Wellington addresses these common issues and gives more nuanced advice for approaching speed bumps and stop lights with a more relaxed attitude.

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I won’t spill everything this book covers because you should definitely go find out for yourself. Even if you might feel somewhat secure in your current romantic relationships, “What to Do When Jane Knows Dick About Dating” definitely deserves a quick glimpse.

You can purchase your own copy here.