Despite the technical difficulties prior to appearing on stage, SoMo, an American singer-songwriter from Texas, pulled his act together to perform an incredible and engaging show for his devoted fans at downtown Madison’s Majestic Theater on Saturday night.

The Reservations Tour focuses on SoMo’s most recent mixtape, My Life III, which contains 11 pop and R&B tracks, such as “Heart of Gold,” “For You” and “White Light.”

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SoMo’s opening acts consisted of two hip-hop artists, Caye and Kid Quill. Caye, a Boston native and instrumentalist, reminded the audience that it’s important to continue to do what you love and enjoy without giving up, regardless of the bad fortunes and madness that constantly occurs in the world.

Kid Quill, an American hip-hop recording artist from Indiana, has produced three albums since 2014. He surprised the audience (particularly the girls) when he performed the last half of his show shirtless and interacted with his fans, touching their hands, hugging them and taking selfies with their phones.

Melissa Simon/The Badger Herald

The Majestic Theater allowed for an intimate performance between SoMo and his fans. I went to the show with my best friend and an audience of friendly and inclusive fans surrounded us. The crowd was not pushy or disrespectful, as it usually seems to be at a general admission concert that doesn’t have assigned seating. In fact, I had conversations with multiple other fans, bonding over our love and respect for SoMo’s talent.

While the majority of the fans were groups of girls who came with their friends, I also noticed a substantial amount of guys who were also in attendance, particularly those accompanying their girlfriends. It appeared that it was more of a younger audience of high school students, although there was definitely a substantial presence of college students as well.

Melissa Simon/The Badger Herald

SoMo’s passionate pop and R&B performance intrigued and drew in each fan. The audience danced along to each rhythm with enthusiasm as they reveled in a carefree environment with friends. There was definitely not a shortage of excited fans screaming out to the artist throughout the night in hopes that he would hear them.

At one point, my friend and I went upstairs to the balcony, where we watched the concert from a bird’s eye view. We were able to see both the colorful stage and the vast and engaged audience in one perspective. Although it was more enjoyable to be submerged in the crowd, the elevated view was a different and less claustrophobic experience.

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My personal favorite song that SoMo performed was ‘Kings and Queens (Throw it Up)’ from his original My Life album. The R&B calming sound allowed me to become immersed within the music, thinking of nothing else but the purity of the lyrics. SoMo’s “chill” music isolated my mind into a world of its own, disregarding any lingering worries, stresses and anxieties. I was able to let go and have a great time. 

The combination of SoMo’s beautiful voice, talented band members and the bright purple, pink, blue and orange rave lights (that had technical difficulties to begin with, but eventually ended up working) fused together to create a satisfying, and almost mesmerizing, experience for all that were able to witness his encapsulating performance.