The simplicity and intensity of the card game “Fluxx” is enough to keep people playing the game for hours on end — perfect for chill weekend hangout sessions or an all-night party with friends.

Fluxx” begins with the basic rules where players are dealt three cards each and they must draw one card and play one card during their turn. There are four types of cards in “Fluxx” which help to later complicate the game in a fun way.

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Goal cards specify what Keeper cards must be in play on the table by a player for them to win. The goals range from “Day Dreams,” which requires “The Sun” and “Dreams” Keeper cards, to “Party Time,” which requires “The Party” and “Time” Keeper cards.

Action cards allow players to complete the action listed on the card during their turn if they choose to play it.

The final card type is the New Rule card which can override the Basic Rules by changing the rules to something like “Play 4” or “Keeper Limit 3.” They may also replace previous New Rule cards if they contradict them, which can drastically change the game, adding something unique not seen in other games.

The simplicity of “Fluxx” allows players of any skill level to pick the game up and become near masters within a short period of time. There is not a novel-long rule book for players to know and understand before jumping in and the rules of each individual game are on the table in front of players.

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This can be a life-saver when you need a quick study break while playing with some new friends.

“Fluxx” does manage to reach some decent levels of intensity at times despite the simple starting rules and few types of cards. “Fluxx” still remains fairly understandable even when it becomes intense. This helps separate “Fluxx” from games like “Risk” which can be fairly complicated no matter what stage of the game players are in.

The late-game complexity comes in a wide variety of forms which helps “Fluxx’s” replayability.

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You may have the necessary Keeper cards on the table to complete the Goal card in your hand, but your initial plan to simply lay down the Goal card on your turn and win can be quickly overthrown as another player lays down a new Rule card making the hand limit zero. You have to rapidly change your strategy to make up for this change and that significantly adds to the spontaneity of the game.

This keeps everyone on their toes and makes players come back for more, especially as games only take about 15 minutes each.

Every new game is different than the last one and forces players to develop a number of strategies to win. This allows “Fluxx” to be unique and draw in anyone with a little bit of time on their hands.

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The only problem that may come up during the game is if players manage to stalemate each other by playing a variety of different New Rule cards and wreak havoc on each other by playing a bunch of Action cards.

This type of issue does not occur too often and has led to “Fluxx’s” success as there have been a number of spinoffs including “Pirate Fluxx” and “Batman Fluxx.”

The few long and possibly complex games that may occur during the times playing the game do not overshadow the overall quality of “Fluxx” which is why it is part of your fun and games and earns a four-and-a-quarter out of five.

Rating: 4.25/5