Texan native SoMo is expected to draw a crowd and keep them dancing as he sings from tracks off his latest album, My Life III for the first time since their release. SoMo will return to Madison Feb. 24 to The Majestic Theatre for a can’t-miss performance.

SoMo’s passion for rhythm and blues has always defined his personality. The genres are some of his main interests and it shines through in his musical expression. It’s almost as if the genres were made for his voice, or vice versa.

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“I don’t try to make anything that I’m just trying to sell. I’m just trying to have fun and … I just create … I think my voice really fits R&B at its best. I like all kinds of music. I just think R&B is fun,” SoMo said.

While some artists simply put out music that they think will appeal to others, SoMo always stays true to himself. He admires that aspect within other current upcoming female artists.  

He reassured he is very in touch with pop culture, young artists and informed about what is going on within the real world as well as the music world. He listens to artists that are just now gaining the exposure they deserve and acknowledges the ever-changing atmosphere in which music and art thrive.

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“I really like the Camila album that just came out. I think she’s a really good singer and performer. I can connect with that. It’s new and fresh. I really like Kehlani. I think it’s the year of women artists,” SoMo said admiringly.

Despite his love for artists such as Camila and Kehlani, SoMo acquires most of his inspiration from iconic ’90s R&B figures. He was also exposed to a decent amount of country music growing up in Texas. SoMo makes a valid effort to expose himself to all different genres of music as well. He even went through a “hardcore phase in high school.” Yikes! 

Don’t worry ladies and gents, SoMo has long since passed through that phase and graduated to producing nothing but quality music that permanently places you in your feelings and anthems for your pre-game function.

“I have a bunch of new songs that I really love from My Life III that I haven’t gotten to perform for people yet … ‘For You’ will be a lot of fun. I really am excited to perform that one,” he said about a track that has been featured on a certified Spotify playlist that currently has amassed almost 4 million followers.

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As much as touring around the country to perform songs has provided SoMo with experiences and joy, the music industry is not easy.

It can become especially difficult for some when they are thrust under the public eye constantly  always vulnerable to scrutiny.

“I think the hardest part right now is for artists to push the envelope and not say something that might ruin their career. [It’s really just about] being able to be honest and true as an artist without offending too many people,” SoMo said.

Music has always been a part of SoMo’s life, and even though he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with it, he eventually gravitated back. He encourages young students who don’t have much faith in themselves, but want to pursue music to go ahead and follow their passions.

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As for the fans in attendance of his upcoming performance, SoMo simply wants to provide an atmosphere for people to escape and enjoy themselves while listening to his music. But there is one thing he won’t be doing at any more of his shows: Sliding onto stage.

“The last one that I ever did was in Madison. I just did it wrong and I hurt my knee… I was like, ‘Ahh, yeah I’m not gonna do that again,’” he said of a distant, yet still harshly painful memory.

His performance should go off without a hitch as SoMo’s performance will be preceded by openers Caye and Kid Quill. All he could say about them is that they’re pretty dope artists. I’m sure they will live up to his expectations.

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Concert goers should anticipate an atmosphere that allows fans to truly connect with the artist. Taking something away from the experience of the performance without caring about how much time has passed is all SoMo wishes for his concert that has already been generating a massive surge of hype across campus.

“Less stress, more love,” he said.

SoMo is just as excited to see his fans as they are.

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