We all know confidence comes from within and not from our outward appearance — that’s self-esteem 101. But, lingerie serves as the intermediate layer between clothes and organs and impacts confidence quite a bit. With the right styles, a secret confidence boost is almost a guarantee. Here are some top picks to keep you supported physically and mentally in every scenario.

When You Need Comfort

It’s 7:30 a.m. and you need to leave for your 8 a.m. Instead of throwing on a bra with ripping straps or poking underwire, pull out this baby instead. A good comfy bra gives support and feels like nothing, which is a necessity when your primary concern is being able to sit up straight enough to look like you’re taking immense interest in your discussion section. Additionally, they are nap-proof and will not annoy you when you inevitably have to conk out after your fifth class of the day. Look for a style with memory foam or a wireless component for the least restrictive feeling possible. I recommend that you use a lightly lined style without padding for your go-to comfy bra, as the push-up in many styles isn’t suited for all day wear.

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When You Want to Feel Daring

Perhaps the most daunting thought of wearing an unlined bra for the uninitiated is the constant possibility of having a nipple show, especially when it’s -4 degrees in Madison. But, the freeing feeling that accompanies the thin barrier separating your tits from your top of choice needs to be experienced, to be known. Unlined styles come in a traditional smooth style and lacy varieties, so there’s a style for everyone.

P.S., the nip slips usually do not appear to the naked eye, but you can always bring “what’s up” up if the right situation arises.

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When You Need a Little Lift

Maybe it’s a big presentation, a mid-term, or Thirsty Thursday — something requires a little extra confidence to get you to your optimum performance. A push-up bra is the perfect constructive boost to heighten your self-esteem and prime you for success. Now I know some of my well-endowed girlfriends will express concern about adding any more volume to their bosoms, but the ultimate purpose of a push-up bra is to lift and contour. Look for a push-up that isn’t foam based for maximum comfort. If you’re looking for a flattering style with or without a shirt on, I recommend the balconette cut. These bras have a low, straight center that compliments the uplift (and your figure) to a T.

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When You Want to Feel Timeless

If there was a History of Bras class (which in an ideal world would count toward breadth requirements), you would learn that short line bras are a relatively new trend that is predated by bustier and corset styles of yesteryear. Recently, these long-line styles are returning to stores in retro-inspired lace and embroidered patterns, creating a perfect solution for those days when you crave a touch of class. It’s as if you step into a different persona, embodying a classy figure of the past no matter how much Qdoba you consumed at 2 a.m. the night before.

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