Marco’s Pizza pairs with local Family Video to bring classic film nights to Madison

Introduction of new chain unites fresh food, at-home movie rentals, revives concept of movie night

· Feb 6, 2018 Tweet

Steve Sneider/Marco's Pizza

Crowds of customers have approached 3162 Maple Grove Dr. since its grand opening on Jan 22., after long-anticipating the arrival of a new pizza chain that has held its own since its inception in 1978.

Marco’s Pizza, a chain based out of Ohio, has set up shop in Madison alongside Family Video. Highland Ventures Ltd. established this other half of the dynamic duo and is responsible for franchising more than 125 Marco’s Pizza locations while maintaining ownership of Family Video. Marco’s and Family Video have worked side-by-side to create the tradition of a classic, family movie night at each of their locations for decades.

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A prior history of collaboration between Marco’s Pizza and Family Video means that they are capable of working well together to combine each other’s businesses to bring customers deals they would not find elsewhere. The most notable case allows customers to browse a selection of films and select a free, five-day new-release film rental to be delivered along with any $10 purchase.

This particular brand of integration between businesses has proven worthwhile for Highland Ventures Ltd. In the face of an industry as ubiquitous as the streaming industry, Highland Ventures Ltd. regional manager Melissa Barber said Family Video has been able to work with Marco’s Pizza to deliver an experience that’s becoming increasingly rare in the modern era.

“We’re excited to be here in Madison,” Barber said. “We’ve been in the community, so we’re excited to bring them pizza now along with their movies.”

That excitement has been matched since the opening of the new pizza joint. With the opening on Maple Grove Drive, college students no longer need to drive 30 minutes to continue the tradition of snagging a slice and watching a movie.

Although the tradition of family movie nights — ordering a pizza and renting a newly-released movie — seems all but lost in the Netflix era, Marco’s Pizza helps to provide a refuge for those seeking newly-released films and the quintessential movie-night atmosphere.

“It’s a great way to have a family night: Order a pizza and have your movie delivered,” Barber said.

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Although the restaurant primarily offers pizza, the menu features wings, subs and salads to complement. Marco’s Pizza manager Steve Sneider said the chain has upheld a tradition of implementing freshly-made ingredients.

The restaurant prides itself on a fresh, never frozen model, meaning its ingredients are never frozen for preservation, which provides a more favorable customer experience.

“The most important thing to remember about Marco’s Pizza is that everything we do is in-house and it’s fresh,” Sneider said.

A vital portion of Marco’s customer experience is the assurance of hospitality and quality eats.

Customers are sure to be greeted by employees upon their arrival, and given farewells on their way out — an essential part of the experience Marco’s Pizza employees strive to give.

“The biggest thing for us is that they get the initial customer service from us that they expect to see,” Sneider said.

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Perhaps most importantly, Sneider said, Marco’s Pizza makes sure to show each customer the contents of the boxes they’re given to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their food before they leave.

Sneider boasted the Marco’s Pizza team’s customer-service experience due to their devotion to making their customers as satisfied as possible. The store manager even went as far as to encourage customers to complete surveys about their customer service in hopes that they will be able to address any customer concerns.

“If they walk out the door and they’ve got the wrong pizza, that’s a nightmare for us,” Sneider said.    

With an endeavor to ensure a positive customer experience and the unique ability to have movies delivered alongside fresh pizza, Marco’s Pizza offers an experience that has become increasingly rare over time.

Keeping classic movie nights in the public eye is no easy task in the face of the streaming industry. Yet Highland Ventures Ltd. has taken the time to ensure that friends and families seeking a relaxing night indoors still have the opportunity to come to Marco’s Pizza to find fresh pizzas and new film releases.


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