Lane 8 to unleash phone-free movement at Majestic Theatre

House DJ prefers technology free atmosphere to lay down new tracks, brings escapist element of album into fruition

· Feb 2, 2018 Tweet

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Anyone who has attended a concert in recent years can see that phone usage has inherently become a major part of any performance. Taking photos and videos for Snapchat, tweeting and numerous other distractions take attention away from the music as we focus on our screens.

With the ‘Little By Little Tour,’ Denver-based electronic DJ and producer Daniel Goldstein, stage name Lane 8, aims to free fans from temptations and create a unique concert experience. In 2018, that is almost completely extinct in the music scene. The West Coast artist requires his entire concert be free from technology.

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Daniel claims his ‘ban’ on phones has roots from his early days on the scene when people were able to lose themselves in the concert experience rather than consistently snapping photos or checking social media.

To create an atmosphere of organic, genuine interaction with music and with like-minded people, the artist asks fans to put their phones away and enjoy the moment instead.

“We missed the days of going out clubbing and making new friends on the dancefloor, which doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore. I think our concept has made an enormous difference in changing the energy and atmosphere at our shows,” Goldstein said.

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On Jan. 19, the revered artist, who’s played massive venues like Holy Ship, released his second full length album Little By Little complete with 10 uniquely captivating tunes. The album is the first release on his own label, This Never Happened.

With this latest edition to his already established career, Lane 8 gives each listener a momentary outlet to the next chapter of his own world. His music can be characterized as transcending, repetitive and refreshing as inquisitive house beats complete with perfectly fitting vocals and samples.

“Any album is about stepping into a different world for an hour, it’s escapism. To try to create that world as a producer, I focused a lot on tackling one little task after the next, which is where the title comes from,” Goldstein said.

Little By Little has received widespread recognition in the few weeks following its released. The release debuted at No. 23 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums as well as reached #1 on iTunes electronic in several major markets.

Goldstein says it is hard for him to judge whether the album is a success or not compared to other albums, as it has only just been released. He is still in need of additional live feedback from audiences as his tour has jut kicked off. But so far, he’s encouraged by the “lovely” messages coming in from fans.

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Although the tour began on Jan. 25, Daniel stated that he’s already seen some memorable reactions when playing some of the new releases in front of a crowd for the first time. With the phone free atmosphere that Lane 8 promotes at all shows, it is easier to garner clear, unfiltered reactions from all concert goers in attendance.

Lane 8 has been tearing up clubs, festivals and dance floors everywhere since 2012 with new and previously released music on the popular label, Ajunadeep. The electronic music news outlet, Dancing Astronaut, named Lane 8 as one of the 25 artists to watch in 2015.

Although the phone restriction is not strictly enforced, it seems to be something that is well worth a try. Above all, Whether it be through his music or the environment he promotes, Lane 8 will provide all the Majestic theatre attendees a temporary escape from the constant barrage of media they experience in their everyday lives.

On his website, Lane 8 provides a powerful message by stating,”We live at a time when distractions from reality are never further away than our fingertips, our phones offer us unlimited stimulation and temporary comfort. The possibilities of technology are endless, but they also limit the possibility … the possibility to truly experience and submit to the moment.”

Hopefully, the movement started by this innovative DJ grows and spreads throughout the music community.

For anyone unfamiliar with Lane 8’s soothing, hypnotic and even down right trance-inducing take on deep house, the Majestic is hosting a performance for you.

Lane 8 will bring mesmerizing deep house along with the movement dubbed ‘This Never Happened’ to the Majestic Theatre Feb. 2.


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