In Bruno Mars’ self-directed music video for “Finesse (Remix)” featuring Cardi B, he pays tribute to ’90s sketch comedy show, In Living Color. Though he emulated the hit series to a tee with ’90s wear, female backup dancers and an urban looking stage, this video lacks any sort of ingenuity.

Bruno Mars somehow takes inspiration from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and Michael Jackson and makes it into some generic combination in this video. Yes, “24K Magic” and “That’s What I Like” were successful odes to the past, but “Finesse” lacks any sort of actual finesse.

Bruno Mars beats the ’80s and ’90s like a dead horse and is clearly bringing it into 2018.

Beyond the point of a serious lack of originality, at least the video is made well. Bruno Mars and Cardi B bring a sense of youth and style into their choreographed dance moves. The intro scene shows the two have a great sense of chemistry as they play with paint and bust some dance moves.

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Between the fast cuts, fog machine and direct eye contact with the camera, Bruno Mars truly knows how to achieve the aesthetic of a ’90s hip-hop music video.

He leads in a trio of dancers with energetic dance moves as the three are clad in white sneakers, light-washed jeans and loose fitting sweatshirts. Mars’ appreciation of the ’90s becomes a bit admirable once the fact that he’s sporting a Jerry Curl/afro hairstyle marinates.

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The video continues to remind millennials of their childhood with the typical girls vs. guys dynamic throughout the video. The guys sing to the girls as they DJ on a balcony, midriffs showing, because in the ’90s, how could it be any other way?

Cardi B ends the video looking admittedly cool in her multi-colored bomber jacket, lime green backward hat, oversized gold hoop earrings and cut off shorts. She seems to take well to the culture of this nostalgic era and her relationship with the camera emits an energetic sense of confidence.

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The video, overall, was well made. Mars did a wonderful job at capturing the spirit and visuals of the hit series, “In Living Color.” But Bruno Mars needs to branch out a bit with future work. His nod to the past is beginning to become excessive. We already lived through the past. The ’90s was a wonderful and weird time, but do we really need to keep reliving it every time he comes out with “new” material?

Give the video a watch despite its shortcomings. The song itself and the dance moves in this new video will make you want to down some pixie sticks and do the running man yourself.

Rating: 2/5