With Master of Shadows, Datsik cooked up some ninja-inspired beats combined with signature wobbles that will have any dojo moving.

Canadian DJ and Producer Troy Beetles, known everywhere as Datsik, gave dubstep fans the best possible start to 2018 with Master of Shadows released on his own label, Firepower Records. Even more, Datsik maintained his place as one of the top dubstep producers and continued his epic career by releasing the EP the same day of the first show of the 50-plus stop Ninja Nation Tour.

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The release is a culmination of his ability to maintain a signature sound with fresh twists after over 10 years making beats under the name. Any fan familiar with Datsik’s work will immediately recognize and appreciate the melodic build ups, heavy-hitting drops and crisp alterations that have defined his work throughout the years.

The EP features collaborations with several new artists. Talent like Virtual Riot, Ganja White Night, Jphelpz and lyricist T.Rabb add another chapter to the legendary Excision and Datsik collaborations with the assistance of Dion Timmer.

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With “Pressure Plates,” we unexpectedly see a different and fresh side to Datsik’s music with an anthem. The first drop combines vocal samples and a melodic bassline that certainly will catch anyone expecting the heavy stuff right away by surprise.

Any fan left needing those heavy-hitting wobbles that we have all come to know and love need only wait about another 15 seconds when the producer effortlessly shifts the mood and tone of the song.

“Warriors of the Night” is the obvious standout of the EP. Datsik and Virtual Riot combine traditional-Japanese sounds, ninja inspired samples like blades or throwing stars and a storyline following a ninja’s life in the shadows with slow and heavy hitting bass. This song combines several elements that have continued to define Datsik’s music and is an anthem for ninjas everywhere. Expect to hear this tune a lot in the next year.

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On “Bad Behavior,” T.Rabb provides listeners with exceptionally refreshing lyrical content. Datsik, along with Ganja White Night, effortlessly combines a background beat perfectly fitting for the rappers lyrics, a harmonious chorus and epic build up with assistance of T.Rabb culminating in two wild dubstep drops.

Once again, Datsik shows his ability to work with a wide range of artists within the dubstep genre and combine diverse musical styles but maintain and perfect that signature sound.

Finally, with “Find Me,” Datsik and Excision prove that the dubstep legends are still at the top of their game with Dion Timmer adding an uplifting balance to their famous collaborations. The sample at the second drop perfectly encompasses the song overall when it unforgivingly states “this sh*t is about to get heavy.”

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Fans are not the only ones giving Master of Shadows the recognition it deserves. The seen song EP, which was released on Jan. 12, is currently the #1 Album on the iTunes Dance Music Charts, surpassing The Chainsmokers’ Memories… Do Not Open and Lindsey Sterling’s Brave Enough.

His song with Virtual Riot, “Warriors of the Night,” is currently the number one song on Beatport’s Top Dubstep Tracks, with four of the seven tracks also in the top 20. The EP is also Beatport’s top dubstep release, surpassing Never Say Die Vol. 5.

Datsik is set to bring the Ninja Nation Tour complete with a Dojo-esque stage design called The Shogun and Shaolin Bass provided by PK Sound to the Orpheum on March 13.

Rating: 9/10