New year, fresh start? Try out the single life! 

Relationships are often romanticized through television and social media, which may lead single, young adults to feel a bit insecure. But there’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, staying single might possibly be the most beneficial option for you.

Here are five reasons why dating yourself is a worthwhile relationship alternative this year.

1. It takes time to learn how to love yourself.

Before becoming involved romantically with another person, it’s important to understand what makes you happy and prepared to thrive in life. When you take time to know who you are as an individual, you figure out what you’re passionate about and what your role in the world ought to be. As a young adult, now is a crucial time to grow and develop your identity in the best way possible. You cannot do so successfully while attached to another person.

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2. You need time to figure out what you’re looking for in a significant other.

Everybody has a different image of the ideal mate and although this exact person probably does not exist, you will be more comfortable in a relationship when you know what you want. This can only be done successfully once self-love is fulfilled. Whether your needs include a provider, protector, companion or something more sexual, you will be able to discover what you’re missing.

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3. You can’t just go looking for love, love finds you.

Some people are either constantly in a relationship or looking for another one as soon as they break up with their significant other. But sometimes this makes relationships more complicated because you want to treat your partner how you treated your last partner or how they treated you. It’s important to remember that we all vary in the ways we wish to give and receive love. If you live your life without expecting to find a partner, your partner will find you.

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4. You’ll be less stressed.

Relationships can be a lot of work, and cause you to serve a time commitment you don’t actually have space for. Not including dates, the mere expectation of having to text back your significant other may become inconvenient. Considering your partner may want you to be readily available for them, they may get mad when they perceive your inattention as avoidance. Instead of worrying about the argument you had last night with each other, you have more time to focus your energy on the many stresses you already have to face as a student in college.

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5. You go to school with so many hot people.

If you’re ready to get involved in an exclusive relationship, you better be prepared to stay loyal to your significant other. Many colleges and universities have a culture of hooking up that doesn’t create the best environment for young, stable relationships, so if you don’t think you can handle the commitment, don’t do it. When you’re single, there’s no room for infidelity and unnecessary pain.

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