Cobi performed at High Noon Saloon on Tuesday evening, playing before Black Pistol Fire. The groups have been touring together for three weeks, Cobi said.

Cobi recently released a new EP September 2017, titled Songs From The Ashes (PT. 1). The diversity of musical choices and the skill exhibited in the three songs from this EP was certainly reflected Tuesday evening.

Cobi has a clear ability to sing and write both passionate, energetic songs, as well as quieter, more sentimental songs like “Nobody Opened the Door.” His distinct, captivating voice, however, creates a uniform identity that brings these different types of music together to make up his musical style.

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Tuesday’s venue was decorated with festive Christmas lights to stave off the cold weather, and was filled with excited fans who showed enthusiasm for the singer who has recently grown in popularity since the release of the soulful 2016 hit, “Don’t You Cry for Me.” This emotional single sparked momentum in Cobi’s following, prior to his recent EP.

The song grapples with struggle, as the lyrics state: “Hope got my hands tied around my back / And time put a rope around my head / And hung from the rafters of my fear” and delves into fears about the inability to let go of certain things that one can’t control, and the consequential feelings associated with that.

The band’s live performance was equally powerful as their lyrics and music suggest it would be. The group created a surprisingly casual and intimate atmosphere, and came across as easy-going, with casual attire and an absence of set decorations and graphics, allowing for an emphasis on their sound above all else.

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The band members were entirely focused on the music and engaging with and creating a connection with the audience. Cobi even spoke at one point in the middle of a song to encourage the crowd to clap with him, demonstrating his eagerness to relate with everyone in the venue.

Cobi was all-around enthusiastic and created a positive vibe throughout the set. Before their final song of the evening, he said: “Okay guys, we love you, we can’t wait to come back.” He closed off the show with an inspiring song about perseverance, with the lyrics: “we need to hold on, so don’t you wait too long […] I won’t give up.”