G-Eazy released a homemade-style music video for his track “Him & I,” which shows him and his girlfriend, Halsey, running through New York City.

Perhaps the two shouldn’t be called G-Eazy and Halsey at all because the video shows them having intimate moments that show them more as relatable people, instead of international celebrities.

The video opens with a black screen showing two lines of text, stylized to look like how a video would appear when played from a VHS. “This video was made by Gerald and Ashley on a weekend in NYC with friends,” the text reads. This is followed by a romantic quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which prefaces the romantic video to come.

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After multiple landscape shots of New York and its boroughs, the song begins with Halsey’s unique vocals. The couple is seen on a subway car, but not for long — each clip lasts no more than three seconds. This allows for the couple to be seen in numerous different scenes throughout the video.

It’s interesting to watch the singers stroll down the city streets and stop to laugh and interact with each other, and yet no one seems to realize who they are. The video is currently number 44 on YouTube’s streaming charts and both artists have released more than one album, so it’s not like they’re unrecognizable.

Perhaps city-dwellers did recognize the couple and it was a creative choice to cut those scenes to make the video look natural and homemade. This creative decision would also reinforce the claim that they want to appear as normal people, and not the G-Eazy and Halsey that the world recognizes them as.

Viewers can watch the video at up to 1080p, yet the video still has the same vintage look that the text did at the very beginning. Besides walking down the city streets and riding the subway, creating a music video that has a dulled look is the most important feature for making a video look homemade and vintage.

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While other music videos may include dramatic moments and highly emotional scenes, “Him & I” shows nothing but love between G-Eazy and Halsey. G-Eazy talked about his relationship with Halsey in an interview and said that he’s obsessed with her voice, and this is clear in the music video.

The interactions the two have in the video aren’t the only evidence of their love. The lyrics are truthful and real, as they declare their love for each other and say that they will never cheat.

G-Eazy and Halsey might be mixing work with pleasure, but the authentic couple delivered a music video that shows real love in such a cut-throat industry is possible.