Demi Lovato released the nearly seven-minute music video for “Tell Me You Love Me” on Dec. 1, and despite the teaser images Lovato released showing her in a wedding dress, the video does not end happily.

The video begins with a theatrical two-minute opening that shows many different scene cuts of Lovato and Williams at a countryside home. The energy is happy — the two young lovers are taking a stroll in the woods, where Williams gets on one knee and proposes to her. After a silent but visible “yes,” the video begins to take a dark turn.

Before the actual music begins, director Mark Pellington, who worked with Lovato in the past for her “Skyscraper” music video, uses background music and many different scenes to create a clip that is reminiscent of a movie trailer.

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The couple is seen fighting after a man tries to call Lovato on her phone. Even though she says that it’s her best friend, Williams gets jealous of the communication, and the fighting begins. Lovato throws her accusations around, claiming that Williams was looking at a girl’s chest.

Unfortunately, fighting like this is something that many couples can relate to — especially with jealousy and a lack of trust as the main causes for the argument.

When the main song beings, the fighting ends and the marriage scene starts. On the opening note of the song, Lovato is seen walking down the aisle with a smile across her face — after all, a wedding can be one of the happiest days of a girl’s life.

Before a shot shows Williams standing at the altar, we go back in time to the couple arguing. Director Pellington’s creative choice to do this reminds the viewers that even though it’s wedding day, the couple plagues with toxic arguments.

On the altar, Williams wipes his eye, assumingely out of happiness — but not everything is what it seems.

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Once the ring goes on Williams’ finger, the viewer would have thought the couple had found a way to fix their issues. Lovato must have thought that the day was going to continue to be one of the best of her life.

The entire audience was in a state of shock when Williams took off his ring and proceeded to walk down the aisle and leave the wedding. Fear, heartbreak, loss and confusion are the best words to describe what Lovato must have been feeling.

After Williams stormed out, Lovato followed — but not to chase him, to escape the overwhelming pressure she must have been feeling.

Lovato showed viewers that with love, anything can happen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out the way you would want.