Ed Sheeran recently released his music video for “Perfect,” a video that shows an authentic love story develop between two friends.

The opening shot of the music video is quite beautiful and deserves to be seen on as large a screen as possible. As a train passes through snow-covered mountains on its way to a skiing village, Sheeran looks at an old photograph of him and his ideal love, a woman played by actress Zoey Deutch.

Like any Ed Sheeran song, the lyrics are tender and about love, and the video reinforces the emotions running through the viewer’s head. There’s something about Sheeran’s facial expressions that make the video seem so real, which makes the video even more of a sappy love story — in a good way.

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The combination of the video’s plot plus the cinematography demonstrate that much time was put into this video. There is a scene in which Sheeran and his friends are out skiing at night with only the light from red flares to guide them. The red glow on the white snow with a black background creates a captivating image. The complexity of its storyline combined with various professional lighting techniques displays a higher level of knowledge in videography as well as close attention to detail.

The video doesn’t just include Sheeran and his love, but their entire group of friends. Since the video shows numerous people having fun, the content seems more relatable. Everyone at some point has probably had a crush on someone they know closely, and having friends around doesn’t make it any easier to express those feelings.

When the couple-to-be ends up in a cottage alone for the night — minus their kitten — Sheeran finally has the chance to shoot his shot. He tells her that he wrote a song for her, and proceeds to sing the song that the video is for, “Perfect.” This is the first time that Sheeran is actually mouthing the lyrics to the song. For the rest of the video, the song had acted as a background soundtrack, making the scenes seem like a short film as opposed to a music video.

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Sheeran’s singing proved to woo his ideal love, as they wake up in the same bed at the end of the video. The music video is nothing short of a perfect love song, and I would expect nothing less from Ed Sheeran. However, it’s quite unrealistic. We all have or have had crushes on people we know that never come to fruition — we end up moving on because it’s difficult to tell someone you’re friends with that you have feelings for them.

“Perfect” is the ideal love story that we all wish to play out in our own lives, and it has the perfect fairytale love story to match.