Even though masturbation is very healthy, it still has a negative stigma to this day. This taboo is more particularly projected onto women, making it an often uncomfortable and shameful conversation.

Masturbation has countless health benefits it can help relieve stress, ease body aches and menstrual pain, help you sleep, make your sex life better and most importantly, it feels incredible.

Masturbating is always fun, but it’s important to mix things up to keep your solo sex interesting. Here are six different ways you can spice it up. You’re welcome.

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Try lube

Go to your nearest drugstore and treat yourself to some lube. Lube is extremely underrated, yet it can benefit your masturbation experiences significantly. Research shows that women who use lube frequently report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Wetter is better.

Mix things up with a sex toy

Although your hand can definitely do the trick, it makes things more interesting if you mix things up with a sex toy. It adds a sense of variety and newness to your experience. Even using a small vibrator can help bring you to a more intense, exciting orgasm.

Change positions

If you are used to just laying on your back and masturbating, change things up by laying on your stomach or getting on all fours. A variety of positions will allow you to achieve different sensations when you climax!

Edging (orgasm control)

Edging, otherwise known as orgasm control or peaking, is a method of masturbation in which you decrease your arousal once you come close to orgasm multiple times in order to gradually achieve orgasm. This build up an intensified orgasm. Essentially you are teasing yourself.

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Have a partner watch you

Mutual masturbation can be both intimate and educational. Masturbating with a partner can help your partner learn how you like to be touched and vice-versa. Also, it is such a turn-on to orgasm while someone is watching you.

Ice, ice baby

Ice can be used in a variety of ways while you are masturbating. You can use it to rub all over your nipples and body as you touch yourself or you can use it directly on your clit creating a cold, vibrating sensation. Either way, as your body heats up the ice will melt and drip on your body which establishes multiple sensual sensations.