English alternative rock group Slowdive brought nostalgia to the Barrymore Theatre with their mix of reminiscent and new songs on Nov. 4.

The venue’s atmosphere accentuated the groups 90’s grunge mood with an assortment of standing room and seating. Stage smoke effects and wooden floors added to the performance quality.

The band’s 22-year hiatus was well resolved when their album Slowdive was released this year. Eager fans of a wide range of ages anxiously awaited the return of the five-membered shoegazing group on Madison’s East side.

Following Cherry Glazerr’s energetic 45-minute opening set, Slowdive kicked off their show in Madison with “Slomo.” From the first note on, the audience was captivated by their stage presence and excellent music.

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The group played newer hits like “Star Roving” and “Sugar for the Pill,” but quickly brought the audience back to 1995 with “Crazy for You” from Pygmalion. Vocalist and guitarist Rachel Goswell opened “When the Sun Hits” from the group’s 1993 album by sharing a story with the audience about the “goth” version of lyrics posted online.

All members showed off their talent and versatility they were by switching instruments, changing the mood and still holding attention the entire time. The group went from impressive high energy jams like “Souvlaki Space Station” to slower throwbacks such as “Dagger.”

The two lead vocalists were very interactive with the audience and expressed their gratitude to Cherry Glazerr for performing an amazing set. Fans were giddy from Goswell’s kind remarks and Neil Halstead’s excitement.

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The visuals and lighting were truly a sight to behold during the performance. Graphics were displayed on the back screen, combined with strobe lights, colored effects and more to really draw the audience into the vibe of the music.

The band closed their set with “Golden Hair” from 1991 that featured Goswell’s vocals for the first two minutes, followed by an impressive musical showcase of all other members. Audience members cheered for an encore, and the group delivered with three more songs to close out the night.

Between Rachel Goswell’s stunning vocals, Nick Chaplin’s alt-rock vibe on the bass and the mesmerizing lighting design, the crowd was left in a dreamy state.