Hello again, it is I, bringing you yet another Gr8 Unknown band. I was inspired to choose this this week’s group because I am resonating with one of their song titles — “Slop.” Yes, you heard it here first folks. I am slop, garbage, trash, etc. It’s whatever week of school already and I’m already falling behind! Cheers to insurmountable amounts of homework atop everything else that us crazy students do!

Back to the music. A band called Forth Wanderers got my attention this week. Led by vocalist Ava Trilling, with her laid back, yearning vocals, the band offers intricate guitar melodies atop crashing symbols. They can be both under your skin and in your face, providing that sometimes soft but angsty sound that we sometimes all need.

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The first song I heard was indeed “Slop,” discovered by perusing through Audiotree Live Sessions (one of my favorite musical research tools). I was definitely hooked by the guitar line. It weaves the listener throughout the song, through parts both intimate and those loud.

Trilling also seems to be so at home with what she’s doing. It’s almost as if you can feel her aura through the screen. Her emotions are definitely visible, too, though sometimes her face is nearly blank. Their Bandcamp bio says that, she “delivers soothing intrapersonal dialogue,” and as you listen to her lyrics you can hear it. The lyrics to this song especially prove it.

Here’s the Audiotree Live version:

Studio verison:

“Tough Love” was another one that stuck. Again, it’s the guitar line that does it for me, and this time the beginning of the song starts off with a punch. I don’t know about you, but I automatically feel some feels when hearing this.

She opens the song with, “One day / I’ll see / a better part of me / the one who leads you / the one who wants to.” LIKE, OKAY. Don’t we all want to be better versions of ourselves sometimes? That’s some powerful stuff.

Again, here’s the Audiotree version:


Check out some more goodies below: