When you’re feeling salty there’s no better way to let it out than to listen to some good punk music. With school starting, we’re definitely going to need it, and luckily, L.A. band together PANGEA has come out with a fresh album in time for the new year.

No stranger to the music industry the band will set out for a world tour, including an October stop in Madison.

This garage punk band is fronted by vocalist and guitarist William Keegan, completed by bassist Danny Bengston, drummer Erik Jimenez and newest member Roland Cosio on guitar.

Together, they create upbeat, in-your-face songs that beg to be heard live. The words “mosh pit” immediately come to mind in when listening to their tunes.

together PANGEA has been in action since 2010, and they’ve just finished their fourth project, “Bulls and Roosters.” For the band, the album has been a long time coming, taking about three years to complete, Bengston said.

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A number of challenges ocurred in their way, including hopping around different labels and even getting dropped by their management.

But despite the setbacks, the band has managed to create an album more mature than the others.

“We’ve grown up a little bit. The music isn’t as dark, as angsty as it used to be,” Bengston said.

So, finally, the album is complete, new projects are in the works and the boys are hitting the road once more. As one would expect, touring is a lot of hard work. But the opportunity to have something like that as a career is something lucky, Bengston said.

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“It’s fun to just get out there, to go different places with friends and see the country, the world together,” Bengston said.

And are we Madisonians blessed enough for them to come here? The answer is yes, on October 7 at the Frequency. Tickets to the show (18+) are $15, and features openers Tall Juan and Daddy Issues.

They’ve been to town only once before, so they are excited to check things out again, Bengston said. In regards to what they’re looking forward to on their stop here, Bengston made the standard dairy joke.

“There’s cheese out there, right?” Bengston said.

The band’s live performance is sure to be high energy, but the overall fate of the show is in your hands, Madison. Bengston wants fans to be reminded that the fate of live shows depends on the energy of the crowd.

“Depends on what y’all bring,” Bengston said.

Well, sounds like we have a job to do, Madison. We have a hell of a lot of cheese and I know we have a hell of a lot of good dance moves. Let’s show ‘em!