From University of Wisconsin students to families, everyone in the Madison area is drawn to State Street for its shops, restaurants and clothing stores.

Being the main hub in town, it offers well known brands such as GAP and Urban Outfitters, but there are also low-key shops to explore. Finding your new favorite clothing store in a new town can be daunting, but here are some suggestions to keep your wardrobe fun and affordable.


Spend time wandering through Ragstock’s bizarre rows of costumes and vintage clothes, and don’t forget to check out the basement. This store will be perfect for Halloween and all those themed parties you’ll be going to — sorry mom and dad.

Halloween isn’t the only holiday that will bring you to this store — Ragstock switches its inventory depending on the month, so all of your St. Patrick’s Day and Fourth of July costumes will be ready.

The store’s vintage clothing options can be used for more than just a costume. Many people shop at Ragstock to find clothing to wear on the regular. The selections range from denim vests and military coats to “Members Only” jackets and windbreakers from the 1980s.

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Accessories such as sunglasses and bracelets can also be found in this one-of-a-kind store. Take the time to explore Ragstock and you’ll surely be leaving with something.

Earthbound Trading Co.

The clothing at Earthbound Trading Co. has a very specific look — imagine Coachella vibes. Big pants and tranquil looking t-shirts are some of the options for men, while women can choose from sundresses and colorful tops.

Earthbound also has many great gift options. Aroma kits such as incense, candles and oils are popular purchases, as are the knick knacks. You can also find the shelves decorated with pillows, mugs, books and art work.

For the outdoors-type, the store also sells hammocks, but at quite a high price. Instead, download the app Pocket Points —  which allows users to gain points for every minute their phone is locked during class. Points can then be redeemed for promotional codes at local or online stores. This way, a hammock is available and at a discounted price.

Art Gecko

Looking to spice up your accessories? Look no further than Art Gecko, the more jewelry and art-focused shop in the downtown district. Everything found inside has been handmade from artists around the world, sourcing art from Mexico, India and Indonesia, among other countries. Peruse this store to find a new favorite accessory, or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Beautifully crafted bracelets and necklaces are popular buys at this store. All of the jewelry is unique — many featuring turquoise and other stones. Sculptures of the Buddha and art displays are found throughout the homey shop.

The large amount of sculptures and art don’t make this store a necessity for the average college student, but their accessories and jewelry deserve to be seen. Art Gecko is also perfect for finding gifts for family and friends.

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Located right across the street from Sellery Residence Hall, you can always catch shoppers sifting through racks at Pitaya.

The store isn’t only a popular favorite for its convenient location, catering  to the heavy foot-traffic of East Campus Mall,  but also for its diverse merchandise. Women can find every clothing item here — tops, denim, dresses, rompers and more. Pitaya excels in offering a variety of clothing styles, all the while keeping prices reasonable.

Each store in Madison is so unique that they all deserve to be seen. Don’t be afraid to walk all of State Street to discover what else Madison has to offer. There is store that fits everyone’s personality, so it won’t take long to find the perfect one. Soon, your wardrobe will be filling up with new, affordable purchases.