Finding genuine fair trade coffee can be difficult, but the name speaks true to the cause for State Street’s Fair Trade Coffee House.

This coffee house’s modern black and white facade provides a contrast to their colorful handwritten displays inside. Upon first walking in, customers will encounter a bountiful display of delicious desserts and bright coffee menus handwritten on a large chalkboard above the register.

In early March, Fair Trade gained new owners — Casey Thompson and Thomas Beckwith-Thompson. The pair is dedicated toward providing a comforting atmosphere and maintaining a local presence.

So far, there hasn’t been many changes to Fair Trade other than a new sign, and the addition of nitro and cold brews. Thompson said he doesn’t want to take anything away in order to keep the regulars happy but isn’t afraid of trying new things.

Courtesy of Casey Thompson.

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The addition of the nitro brew has so far proven itself a success. The cup I had didn’t have any sweetener — but it didn’t need it. When the barista poured the drink, I watched as the bubbles slowly rose to the top of the glass and created a foamy top layer. This nitrogen-infused coffee is creamy, delicious and made with positive energy.

Fair Trade is passionate about making sure the coffee and espresso beans they purchase are organic and were produced under fair and sustainable practices. Thompson and Beckwith-Thompson kept the same selection of coffee from before they became owners by maintaining a relationship with equal exchange and growers in places like Colombia and Guatemala.

If coffee or tea isn’t your favorite, Fair Trade also offers specialty smoothies or you could make your own. The tea list here is also pretty extensive and versatile. Their tea options range from a refreshing and iced blackberry tea to a hot and creamy matcha latte.

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Keeping up with the sustainable practices, Fair Trade Coffee House buys their tea leaves from an organization called Teema Teas. Teema Teas is an all-organic, women-owned plantation in Thailand that puts their employees’ quality of life before profits.

As for their food menu, they strive to offer healthy and organic foods including vegan and gluten free items. Among this menu are delicious paninis, house made breakfast options, salads (with pita bread included) and soups.

No matter what time of day it is, Fair Trade Coffee House has something to offer everyone. While you’re there enjoying some sustainable and healthy drinks, be sure to check out the artwork on the walls from local artists.