Kendrick Lamar’s music video for his recently released song “HUMBLE.” further emphasizes his genius. A display of experienced cinematography skills was utilized to enrich an ample amount of racial and religious symbolism.

There is a common thread of contradiction running throughout this video — Kendrick preaches about being humble, but does the exact opposite.

He indulges in expensive alcoholic drinks at a table fashioned to replicate the famous Last Supper scene, while he sits in Jesus’ seat. He wears a white suit while surrounded by a large group of men in black suits. He cloaks himself in what seems to be reminiscent of a pope’s robe. He even sits on a pile of money while a group of half-naked women handle dollar bills, all Benjamins of course.

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K. Dot (Lamar’s stage name) epitomizes “boujee,” while also smacking you in the face with symbols and allusions, not to mention those oversaturated within his lyrics. He slabs on some Grey Poupon dijon mustard to a piece of toast and passes it to one of his friends sitting in a nearby car. This might seem insignificant and random at first, but I promise you everything he incorporated in this video had a purpose. Not only is he imitating a segment of a famous Grey Poupon commercial, he is also establishing his wealth and basically saying, “I’m eating now.”

He speaks about the beauty he seeks in women when he says, “Show me somethin’ natural, like ass with some stretch marks.”

YES LADIES AND GENTS, there is a woman featured in her underwear that has stretch marks. Kendrick not only has more realistic expectations of women — stretch marks and cellulite are a common phenomenon — but he also loves these little things many women are insecure about. K. Dot is progressive. K. Dot is for empowering women. K. Dot understands. Someone, please, marry this man.

“HUMBLE.,” as a song, is better conceptualized through its video. Each aspect incorporated in these visuals have substantial value, and they are well executed through different types of camera shots. A lot is compacted into three minutes and three seconds, and it is worthy of witnessing at least once or twice or 10 times. Once you hit play, don’t blink, because you might miss something.