Looking to grab a bite to eat off-campus this time? Or perhaps Mom and Dad are tired of navigating through a mass of pedestrians with a death wish when they visit? Give North South Seafood & Smokehouse a try.

Though their exterior is misleading (ah, the beloved strip mall), it is a great place to satisfy your cravings — whether they may be BBQ or some shrimp tacos.

Once you walk through the doors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. A saltwater fish tank is right at the entrance, and the restaurant is comfortably cozy.

Lexie Graf/The Badger Herald

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Start off your meal with the fried pickles that come with a side of chipotle sauce. The acidity of the pickles balances nicely with the spice of the chipotle.

Next, give the shrimp firecracker tacos a try (they also come in chicken, if you’re into that kind of thing). The shrimp are battered and paired with pico de gallo, lettuce and Cajun ranch.

Lexie Graf/The Badger Herald

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It’s likely once you finish these babies, you’ll wish you could time travel 20 minutes into the past to eat them again. One complaint, their side of salsa is quite passable. It’s pretty bland and could use a bit more kick.

Have a birthday guest along? Free dessert is coming their way, and true friends will share. Definitely try the peanut butter cheesecake. It has the perfect balance of creamy and crunch, so every type of peanut butter lover is satisfied.

Every once in awhile it’s important to venture off campus (yes, the city of Madison does exist beyond Camp Randall). Madison has many other things to see and more importantly, places to eat. So when you have access to a vehicle, as rare as this may be, visit this hidden gem. Shrimp taco cravings should never be taken lightly.