It was a beautiful, sunny weekend full of outdoor activities and laughter with friends. Now, it’s a Monday, and it’s raining. Plus, it’s been cloudy all day. What could be more sad than the beginning of the work/school week after a weekend like that? Nothing. That’s what I thought. We might as well reflect today’s mood — or a mood hardened by Wisconsin weather —through a playlist. Here goes:

Hitlist: Get over your post-spring break blues with these tunesWelcome back, Badgers! Word on the street is spring break 2017 was a smashing success littered with youthful debauchery. As you Read…

  1. “Loveless” — Lo Moon
  2. “Lake Superior” — Bien Bien
  3. “Ivy” — Frank Ocean
  4. “Lonely Lullabies” — Kweku Collins
  5. “Lost in The Light” — Bahamas
  6. “Truth” — Alexander
  7. “Black Moon” — Wilco
  8. “Michicant” — Bon Iver
  9. “Lighthouse” — Patrick Watson
  10. “Sim Sala Bim” — Fleet Foxes
  11. “Light Upon the Lake” — Whitney
  12. “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” — Sharon Van Etten
  13. “Slip” — Elliot Moss