Trey Songz has charm, swag and never fails to drop sizzling hit music that either leaves listeners busting moves on the dance floor or emotionally singing along to after a breakup.

Songz is continuing to thrive in the music industry despite the fact that he is now in his early thirties. But there is no need to fret, ladies, he’s still single. That was the premise for his faux reality show “Tremaine the Playboy,” which released episodes reminiscent of the hit reality show “The Bachelor” on his websiteThese episodes began the promotion of his latest album Tremaine.

With Trey as the main character and a cast of beautiful yet hilarious bachelorette contestants, this parody is definitely way more enjoyable to watch than the original show. Each of these episodes is accompanied by a music video and release of a song off of the album.

Each woman is fighting for Songz’s heart, although he is caught up thinking about his ex-girlfriend instead. This plot runs throughout this album.

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Sex, lost love, partying and more sex is what Songz addresses, as to be expected. His image as being “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” becomes a hinderance to his ability to find love as more women desire him than he desires back.

He shows that sometimes his status of wealth and dashingly good looks can become a struggle in the search for a genuine emotional connection. In “Nobody Else But You,” the music video and lyrics portray that Songz’s emotions for one person completely contradict the bachelor lifestyle he is accustomed to living.

His inner battle of separating love from lust bleeds into “Playboy” when he sings about how he should start to make more adult decisions and try to settle down. This turns out to be harder for him than it should be for most.

“Come Over” brings back throwback feelings from older R&B pioneers whose voices, like Songz’s, also carried both a sadness and seductiveness to it due to their ability to amplify the drama of specific moments through their vocal range. He is calling out for some company, even though he knows he probably won’t receive any. Sometimes all anyone ever needs is a text back, but it appears Trey has been left on read.

In the same breath, “#1Fan” reveals his vulnerability and soft side as well. Trey exposes the fact that even he, the man who supposedly “invented sex,” can become nervous in intimate moments. Here he sings, “I don’t wanna ruin your expectations,” revealing his own insecurities as he sleeps with someone who idolizes him. Damn, most of his admirer’s just typically expect a quick selfie upon meeting him. Did this girl win some type of VIP All Access pass in a contest? I’m asking for a friend…

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this project channels significant aspects of traditional R&B sounds, even with the mixing of different styles. This would include tracks such as the more fun and lustful song “Animal.” It meshes the sweetness of acoustic guitar chords with hip hop beats that create a significant change in the melody to bring out Songz’s inner savage. 

Piggybacking off of his latest mixtape “Trappy New Years,” in which he collaborated with artist Fabulous, it is evident that Songz has a newfound love for trap music. He could not resist incorporating heavy bass beats as the foundations for his instrumentals. 

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Arguably the track that’s Most Likely to Make You Want To Dance is “1×1.” If you’ve been observing an evident pattern throughout Trey’s songs, it is not hard to predict that this song is also about sex. No surprise there. 

Tremaine was highly anticipated by loyal Songz fans, and it lived up to its hype. His vocals are flawless and this album shows that even a strong, muscular, man can also be in touch with his own emotions. As a master of his own genre, most should already be aware of his passionate side, yet here he distinctly put his sensitivity out there.

It’s hard to watch “Tremaine the Playboy” episodes without getting emotionally invested. Once you fall in love with Songz, there is no turning back. If only he could move on from his ex-girlfriend and partying ways sooner. Well, when he does…he knows where to find me.

Rating : 5/5