In his second studio album, Mod Sun gives fans an eclectic work comprised of everything his extremely dedicated fans have grown to love about the 29-year-old artist.

Released through Rostrum Records, Movie combines elements of all the “Hippy Hop” pioneer’s past EPs, mixtapes and albums, such as striving for your dreams, having a good time, dealing with hardship and living life with absolute positivity, delivered in his typical laid-back manner.

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The former drummer of successful post-hardcore bands Four Letter Lie and Scary Kids Scaring Kids reached new heights of popularity after transitioning to a rap career as Mod Sun in 2010. As stated in an interview excerpt featured on the album, Mod Sun consistently aimed to better himself until he was able to live his life as if it were a movie — something that comes out directly through songs on the album.

Movie begins with more easy-going songs, basic lyrical content perfect for the background of any pregame or casual listen, covering topics such as having a good night at the club and drinking with friends and girls. “We Do This Shit,” with a feature from Dej Loaf, is a direct depiction of a night out in L.A. and songs like “Beautiful Problem” and “You Are” would seemingly fit perfectly into any summer cruise with friends on the way to the beach.


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The upbeat auto-tuned nature of his voice (although not exceptionally captivating), solid production and lyrics relatable to the lives of any college student allow these songs to appeal to a wider audience.

After perfectly tapping the laid-back, summer vibes formula, Mod Sun provides more inquisitive lyrical content and beat patterns that give the album some much-needed diversity.

His first verse on “WWYGADT” immediately displays the rapper’s abilities to change up his flow and express complex vocabulary, which makes it a notable standout on the album.

Songs like “Two” and “Spent all my Money” give the listener a brutally honest view into the life of a famous rapper, something that can overly be portrayed as worry free and perfect. He discusses living a double life in L.A. and having a lot of fake friends concerned only with his money and popularity.

Overall, the album may not be the artist’s best work, as many of the songs are repetitive and only a few seem to be exceptionally memorable. Movie is simply another installation of Mod Sun’s ability to create music that is refreshing and easily accepted by a large audience.

Rating: 3.75/5