There’s nothing better than a local coffee shop with friendly staff, different food options and, of course, great coffee. With Indie Coffee offering all of the above and more, it’s sure to become your new favorite off-campus coffee shop.

Located at 1225 Regent St., Indie Coffee is a quaint coffee shop. It’s lesser known than the student-dominated State Street shops, but that’s about to change. When you enter Indie Coffee, you’ll fall in love with the art on the walls and the dimly lit atmosphere. At night, the staff place candles on each table to create an even homier ambience.

When you’re ready to order don’t just get a cup of coffee (by the way, you can ask for in a mug — more homey vibes!) Indie Coffee offers salads, sandwiches, wraps and, of course, their all-day signature waffles.

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The staff don’t wear standardized uniforms but that doesn’t stop them from doing their jobs efficiently — preparation time is incredibly fast. I ordered the chocolate chip waffles and they were ready in about five minutes — about the same amount of time it took me to finish them.

With its food and drink varieties, Indie Coffee becomes the perfect study spot. The shop has outlets for your electronics and a decent amount of tables. But you should stick to the libraries if you prefer a quieter area. Don’t let the charming atmosphere fool you — Indie Coffee can fill up at certain hours of the day.

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Even if other coffee shops have a more convenient location, they can’t surpass Indie Coffee in ambience or food and beverage choices. Time Magazine named Indie Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in America in 2015. Try to find the time to check out this neighborhood gem and I promise you’ll be glad you did.