If you have ever walked by someone and recognized a nice quality about them, then gone for that second take, you may have seen Future. In the blink of an eye he is back with another album. While standing as a champion of auto-tune, he isn’t alone with album features like The Weeknd and Rihanna by his side.

His 7th studio album titled HNDRXX just made music history for having “first ever back-to-back No.1 albums,” along with FUTURE, on Billboard 200. Both albums were surprise releases too as the announcements were made over social media in subtle hints. People understood the artist was crafting, but definitely were not expecting this.

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Future prides himself on the fact that he is “different” than other artists, with the manufactured voice and musical persona being discussed more in depth on the recent album. On the first song of the album, “My Collection,” there are subtle swings at his ex-girlfriends, while on following track he discusses his rebound and success. This song, “Coming Out Strong” features The Weeknd and highlights Future’s signature blend of: tough rap, bangers and moments of vulnerability.

Future Hendrix is his full artist name and makes one wonder what is up with the possible tribute? This is explained well in an interview with XXL Magazine in which he responds, “I wanted to do it right, so I want to be able to put it behind me, the whole name, and me feeding off Jimi Hendrix and just what it represents for me, someone who comes where I’m from, to just do it a different way from what was expected.” There is a nice reflection of this statement on his song, “Lookin Exotic.”

When listening to the rest of the album, Future continues with his testimony to fans and friends. Speaking on his constant legal issues with ‘baby mamas,’ he hits on the facts of being enveloped in his work while remaining loyal. “Damage” and the following song “Use Me” echo the mood and release his side on his come up and avoidance of media.

Ciara and Jessica Smith are both suing him for different reasons regarding his children, making you kind of wonder if this is his testimony, and search for forgiveness. Not only is this picture illustrated in the song titled “Testimony,” but in the similar vibes on other popular tracks as well.

“Fresh Air” is a delicate balance of instrumental percussive steps, along with his higher and lower choir of voices. It also serves as one of the most well received and melodic tracks on the album by far. It is almost used as an interlude on the album as it switches to chatting about his thanks and reception.

Future is experimenting now with his ‘older’ sound again, much like when he was working on older projects such as Pluto 3D and Astronaut Status, with a little mix of What a Time to Be Alive. “Turn On Me” continues with the slower, instrument filled sound. But, it’s followed by the most popular song on the entire album, “Selfish.”

“Selfish” features Rihanna and capitalizes on the creativity and singing capabilities of Future. When listening to both recent albums, it is easy to recognize the obvious differences in both. This is nice to see, as many rap artists now will find a sound and stick to it.

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There needs to be a balance for those to remain relative based on the balance of tailoring to a crowd and entertaining, while still expressing one’s creativity. There seems to be also a contrast when it comes to the album covers. FUTURE speaks on the money hungry trap game and is a lot more blurred and aggressive, while the album HNDRXX emphasizes the entire body, and bears the color white signifying truth and purity.

Check him out on the Nobody Safe Tour which is in full swing even with one act, Kodak Black, going back to jail.

Rating: 4/5