On March 3, Ed Sheeran released his third full album, Divide, reminding fans that even with some time off, he continues to impress with his unique style and lyrics.

With three singles released prior to the full album, it was hard for listeners not to be excited about his new work. The song “Shape of You” focuses on the physical aspects of a relationship that may develop into a deeper connection, which might be a turn-off for his fans — Sheeran seems to be taking a more mainstream approach.

Fortunately, he speaks to his traditional audience through “How Would You Feel (Paean),” which targets emotions, an area he has plenty of experience in. Sheeran reminds us his original style is here to stay.

Throughout the album, Sheeran seems to be divided between love and heartbreak. These two scenarios can bring about various emotions, both of which Sheeran is not shy to sing about.

The third song on the track, “Dive,” details Sheeran’s experience of pain over a partner who hadn’t treated him with complete loyalty. It’s evident this song is one Sheeran feels incredibly passionate about. Perhaps he has encountered instances of “diving” in too soon.

Sheeran alters the mood with the track “New Man.” With a more upbeat style, Sheeran depicts the harsh reality of jealousy through a mocking critique of his ex’s new boyfriend and his lifestyle.

But the album wouldn’t be characteristic of Sheeran if he didn’t have something nice to say. “Happier” again reminds fans of his charm and charismatic abilities. He sings that he “saw both your smiles were twice as wide as ours,” something he hopes to eventually find for himself. The track may be sad since he has lost a love, but his maturity is evident — he takes the higher road.

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In addition to Sheeran’s maturity, the positivity within his life is present in the track “Perfect,” which may be his best song yet. The song describes the enormity of love being shared between he and his girlfriend.

Diving right in worked well for them, and he seems happier than ever. “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” adheres to this trend and shows passion for his newfound love.

Apart from love and heartbreak, Sheeran is also vocal about his career. “Eraser” is the opening song on the album and describes his musical career in the beginning, highlighting the obstacles he had to overcome such as his family’s doubts and personal hardships.

He vents to his fans in the tune “What Do I Know?” — questioning his ability to help change the world for the better. He reflects on his profession as “just a boy with a one-man show,” and seems to conclude that having knowledge of “love and understanding, positivity” is not enough to make a significant societal contribution.

The most admirable aspect of Divide includes a tribute to his grandmother, who passed away just as he was finishing the album. “Supermarket Flowers” is a tear-jerker that describes his mourning process.

In addition to this, “Nancy Mulligan” gives listeners a peek into the relationship between Sheeran’s grandparents, writing from his grandfather’s perspective. These two tracks exhibit Sheeran’s caring persona and how he doesn’t hide from showing emotion.

Sheeran certainly doesn’t disappoint with this new album as he explores the power of finding love as well as the benefits of enduring heartbreak before settling down.

Rating: 4.5/5