From the refrigerator at home to the gallery walls of Madison’s premier contemporary art museum, students from the Madison Metropolitan School District showcase their talents for art lovers everywhere to enjoy. Open until April 23, Madison’s Museum of Contemporary Art will house the exhibit Young at Art, featuring works from local K-12 students.

The exhibit is home to works from 244 students across 43 Madison public schools. It is impressive in both size and craft, boasting a wide range of diversity in subject matter, creating a collection unlike any other.

The exhibit serves to display the immense talent these students possess and encourages expression within the arts for people of all ages. To top it off, admission to the museum is free, crushing any excuse not to see this incredible collection.

Tenley Sanduski/The Badger Herald

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“Young at Art also demonstrates the importance of equitable access to art education and skilled art educators who fully support students’ artistic, cognitive and emotional development,” Sherri Castelnuovo MMoCA curator of education said in a press release.

The works on display range from small paintings and drawings to jewelry and ceramics. Near the back of the gallery, museum goers are treated to three stop-motion films put together by an entire fourth grade class and two high school students respectively.

Tenley Sanduski/The Badger Herald

Each piece on display tells its own story, while showing off the unique gifts and creative ideas of its young artist. Onlookers will be inspired by the level of talent and innovation on display.

Young at Art is sure to inspire, and steals the hearts of museum goers across Madison. The exhibit is open during all hours of operation in the State Street gallery of MMoCA until April 23.