Greetings, loved ones. Comin’ at you hot with another Gr8 Unknowns. This week I provide for you Fyfe, a man with a velvety-smooth voice and gentle, yet firm, electronic beats. Paul Dixon, the man behind the money, comes from London. After discovering that school wasn’t for him and that music was, he took that and ran, all according to his website. Out came Fyfe.

The first song that fell upon my ears was “Solace,” which happens to also be the first song he gained momentum on. It has an almost sad tone paired with a drum beat that drills it in. The array of sounds on this track engulf the listeners, further drawn in by Fyfe’s voice. Lyrics “living isn’t easy when you’ve been free” are also particularly catching.

This live version sounds just as smooth as the studio track.

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“Stronger,” a more upbeat song, also holds more emotion, more of a push. With the live version, listeners can see and hear how effortless it is for Fyfe to sing. He seems to have such control over his voice, and it holds vibrato seamlessly.

Another particularly entrancing song is “For You.” It opens with Fyfe’s voice front and center, and then an intense beat drops and background vocals come in. The melodies in this song are intricate, and they seem to fit together well. The content of the song is also super relatable — “everything I do, every little thing I do, for you.” We all have that someone we feel like we do everything for, but get back nothing.

Fyfe’s music is made up of heavy beats, intricate rhythms and a smooth-as-fuck voice. In some songs, listeners can hear the classical influences that he grew up listening to, according to his bio online, though most of it is all his own. Once you hear one song, you are bound to click on the rest and never go back.

Here are some of his other need-to-know-songs: