The new hub of Monroe Street, Bloom Bake Shop, turns out to be well worth a shot.

As customers sat in front of succulents in mason jars, it was evident that it proved a challenge for them not lick every last donut crumb off of their fingers, myself included.

Lexi Graf/The Badger Herald

The new bakery requires a bit of a trek for a small visit, possibly leaving customers feeling kind of down. The weather has been especially “February” lately, and assignments are beginning to pile up. But as soon as one walks into Bloom, their mood instantly changes, and the trek becomes worth it.

Lexi Graf/The Badger Herald

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To put it simply, Bloom is a Pinterest lover’s paradise. Exposed brick, wood accents and sea foam green appliances make this shop scream “I’m cute!” Biting into an orange glazed donut, I thought, sweet Jesus — it is light and fluffy, can I have another?

Along with pastries, Bloom’s menu includes biscuits; cereals; hot and cold drinks; and beer, wine and cocktails. Vegans and gluten free people can also rejoice! Bloom has some tasty gluten free and vegan options. Another perk — they keep their ingredients local, with a long list of farmers they support right on the menu.

Lexi Graf/The Badger Herald

Along with the decadent desserts, Bloom has a pleasant staff who makes sure to acknowledge every customer on their way out (take note, Panera). Bonus points: on their door hangs a sign welcoming Muslim, immigrant and refugee community members — something many of us need to hear during these difficult times.

The one surface complaint is they need to get a credit card reader to cut back on line time. Despite that small hitch, it looks like Bloom is off to a good start with nearly every table filled with smiling faces. It’s safe to say the shop is well worth the walk off campus.