With midterm season approaching, you may be drinking even more excessively as a stress release. If you are living that lifestyle, you have to balance it out by hitting the gym every now and then. Getting motivation to work out can be difficult, but this workout playlist will help to get through the pain.

This playlist is a combination of rap, electronic, old throwbacks, new releases and more. Finding your personal workout music niche is a necessity for having a good workout, so listen to these songs to find out what music you prefer to hear while sweating and asking,“Why am I doing this to myself?”

Hitlist: Midterms suck, a playlistMidterm season has turned Madison into a hotbed of stress, mono-like fatigue and the type of quiet angst that has Read…

  1. “Purple Lamborghini” — Skrillex + Rick Ross
  2. “212” — Azealia Banks
  3. “Work B**ch” — Britney Spears
  4. “Pursuit of Happiness” — Extended Steve Aoki Remix, Kid Cudi + MGMT + Ratatat
  5. “Like A G6” — Far East Movement + The Cataracs + DEV
  6. “Waves” — Kanye West
  7. “Bitch Better Have My Money” — Rihanna
  8. “Kill V. Maim” — Grimes
  9. “Move Your Body” — Alan Walker Remix, Sia + Alan Walker
  10. “Paper Planes” — M.I.A.