As the new semester begins, already students are feeling particularly overwhelmed by intimidating syllabi, sold-out books or early-as-hell papers.

This playlist aims to quell those bad vibes with an assortment of groovy tunes. Some of these songs are upbeat, and some are laid back. Either way, they are sure to give listeners a chance to take a deep breath and take on the semester with a positive outlook.

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Track list

  1. “Impossible Germany” — Wilco
  2. “Dirty Whispers” — AM!R
  3. “Pumpkin” — Islands
  4. “Name for You” — The Shins
  5. “Shuggie” — Foxygen
  6. “Lake Michigan” — Rogue Wave
  7. “Dave’s Song” — Whitney
  8. “Giuseppe” — Trash Panda
  9. “Sleep On The Floor” — The Lumineers
  10. “Old Friends” — Pinegrove
  11. “Translucent” — SEND MEDICINE
  12. “Past Lives” — Local Natives